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Bill O’Reilly: It’s OK For Reagan And Clinton To Worship At Shiloh Baptist Church But Not For Obama

Reported by Ellen - April 28, 2011 -

Religion Policeman Bill O’Reilly hosted NAACP’s Amos Brown last night (4/27/11) for a “Factor Follow Up” investigation into President Obama’s and family’s attendance at Shiloh Baptist Churchon Easter Sunday. You can be sure Officer O’Reilly gave Brown a tough interrogation so the folks at home could be sure to understand just what spirit might be possessing our president and moving him to attend services at a 150-year-old churc founded by slaves where – most importantly, if you’re a Fox Newsy – the pastor has made some comments that could be interpreted as anti-white and/or anti-American. When Brown explained that other presidents have attended the same church, with the same pastor, O’Reilly objected, “It was different.”

After noting that both Presidents Reagan and Clinton have attended Shiloh, a “great and historic church,” Brown called it “ludicrous” to attack Obama for doing the same. I’d add “Un-American” and “bigoted” but Brown was polite and respectful throughout.

Later, O’Reilly just happened to bring up a poll showing that only a minority of Americans think Obama “sees this country as noble.” Religion Officer O’Reilly added gravely that “coming off Rev. Wright," and now Shiloh Baptist Church, "perception may be reality.”

Brown responded by repeating that “Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both went to Shiloh Baptist Church.”

O’Reilly interrupted. “It was different, though. It was different.”

Brown continued, “Still, it was the same church with the same pastor who has the same views, Bill.”

O’Reilly said, “OK,” dismissively moved on.

So why was it different? Because President Obama is black? Because there’s no question in O'Reilly's mind that either Reagan or Clinton had the slightest hint of animosity toward America and/or white people?

You can write the show and ask at o’reilly@foxnews.com.

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