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Frank Luntz Bets $10,000 Trump Won’t Run For President

Reported by Guest Blogger - April 27, 2011 -

By Brian

On Your World yesterday (4/26/11), Frank Luntz blasted Donald Trump as a “game show host” playing a game with Americans. To back up his claim, he offered Trump $10,000 as a bet to prove his seriousness.

Varney opened the segment by saying, "I've got to say Ron Paul is a straight shooter, and that has made him particularly popular among some sections of the voting public… Here's my premise, Frank. Donald Trump is a straight shooter...he goes straight at the issues, you know exactly what the man is saying."

Luntz didn’t mince his words. "Ron Paul is a straight shooter, Donald Trump is not." He added, “The issue with Trump is that we want people who say what they mean, and mean what they say, who look us straight in the eye, and we want people who live what they preach. How many bankruptcies before you start to wonder?"

Varney interrupted.

Luntz would not be interrupted. "Don't dismiss it.” He asked, “How many bankruptcies? How many reorganizations? How many people got hurt?”

Then Luntz placed his bet. “I don't think Trump's got the guts to run, and I'm going to do this on this show. If Donald Trump is really running, I’ll make him a bet right now, and I'm going to get a call from upstairs; $10,000 says he doesn't run. We're being watched by a million and a half people. Mr. Trump, you're not running, you’re playing a game, these are very serious times. The American people are hurting.”

Luntz asked Varney if he wanted to take him up on the bet. No, Varney didn’t.

Will Trump?

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