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Memo To Fox News: Lady Gaga Did Not Ruin Easter!

Reported by Priscilla - April 26, 2011 -

Last week, Bill Donohue, the head of the Catholic League (a right wing group not officially connected to the Catholic Church), went gaga over news that Lady Gaga would be releasing a video, on Easter weekend, to go with the lyrics of her new song "Judas." Although he hadn't seen the video, Mr. Donohue was upset about the lyrics which, he claimed, were offensive to Catholics. In assuming that the video would be equally "offensive," he also claimed that Gaga was deliberately attacking Catholics because of the timing of the video's release. As Fox "News" has never seen a wedge issue they didn't like, they decided that Donohue's bogus outrage would be great fodder for their "war on Christian holidays" that they specialize in. Donohue was given a platform from which to bray about persecuted Christians who would never dare to offend Muslims. Martha MacCallum, on "America Live," agreed. On "Fox & Friends," Steve Doocy provided Bill Donohue talking points to Fox's resident chaplain, Catholic priest Father Jonathan Morris. While Morris wasn't quite as condemnatory as Donohue, he did opine that Gaga was being blasphemous. Fox Nation ran an article from right wing Tucker Carlson's "The Daily Caller," in which Gaga was alleged to have outraged Catholics. But here's the thing. Gaga didn't release the "Judas" video this weekend. She will debut it, on May 2nd, on Fox TV's "American Idol." Is Rupert Murdoch aiding and abetting this blasphemy to Catholics? What say you, Bill Donohue?