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Fox & Friends Validate Trump's Birther Conspiracies?

Reported by Priscilla - April 25, 2011 -

Fox & Friends is a Fox Network morning "opinion" show that blends happy chat and hard right wing talking points into a premium brew that makes Fox & Friends one of the most effective propaganda vehicles on Fox "News. The right wing messages from Fox & Friends are directed at, for lack of a better term, the faith based right wing faithful who hate (along with the usual Fox scapegoats), really, really hate Barack Obama. Remember, this is the show where Glenn Beck said that Obama is a racist while the Fox & Friends bobble heads bobbled their heads and offered no counterpoint. The overt manifestation of Obama hatred is found in the "birther" creed which is an attempt to delegitimize Obama as foreign and un-American. If the demographic of Fox & Friends is, as one suspects, mainly conservative Republicans, these folks are probably in the cohort of 1 in 4 Americans who don't believe that Obama is an American citizen, 46% of teabaggers, and 55% of Republicans who either don't believe Obama is a citizen or "don't know." This fear and loathing of Obama is being validated by possible presidential candidate Donald Trump who has peddled this "pants on fire" lie during several of his Monday mornings with Donald segment that Roger Ailes has nicely given to Mr. Trump. And in bobbing their heads and murmuring in agreement, the gang on Fox & Friends is validating Trump's birtherism. As the "Church Lady" would say, "isn't that special."

This morning, birther Steve Doocy set up this week's Trump's birtherism quite adroitly. He referenced how Robert DiNiro recently criticized Trump for his birther stance. Rather than present a reasoned response (but like how could he?) Trump insulted DiNiro by saying that "he's not the brightest bulb on the planet." Doocy, truly a dim bulb, couldn't contain his amusement and chortled. Trump said that when he watches DiNiro's interviews, "we're not dealing with Albert Einstein." Giggles were heard in the background. Trump said "the fact is that this guy has not revealed his birth certificate. A lot of people agree with me." He then claimed that what he "does best is China, jobs, OPEC" and that is his "strength." Doocy said "uh-huh" as Trump brayed about how people that he meets "love this issue" and "so many people want Obama to provide his birth certificate." In asking why Obama is spending "hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight this issue instead of providing his birth certificate," he promoted a discredited " World Net Daily conspiracy. Kilmeade said "right." Doocy said "uh-huh" as Trump cited "so many different elements" and that "it's a very frightening thing for this country."

Comment: The bobble heads just kept bobbling their heads during the crazy talk. Nary a word of rebuttal was heard when Trump was presenting his outrageous radical right wing propaganda. It isn't a "fact" that Obama hasn't presented his birth certificate. But ya wouldn't know that if ya watched Fox & Friends which is fast becoming America's morning birther show.


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