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Fox News Civil War: "Pot" Beck Complains Huckabee's Too Thin Skinned To Be President

Reported by Ellen - April 24, 2011 -

Yesterday, I posted about Mike Huckabee's strongly-worded response to Glenn Beck's attack on him for endorsing Michelle Obama's anti-obesity "Let's Move" campaign. I noted that Beck's website tried to downplay the incident. Well, so did Beck himself, apparently, by attacking Huckabee for being too "thin-skinned." Beck seems to be saying that he should be allowed to attack people as he pleases and people should STFU because the meanies of the world attack him, too. Memo to Beck: That might be a whole lot more convincing if you weren't so darned thin-skinned yourself.

On his April 22, 2011 radio show, Beck claimed, "I have no problem with Mike Huckabee, it's only about policies, policies." Then, after a tear of complaints about Huckabee's supposed "big government," "tax-raising" record, Beck took this swipe at Huckabee that had absolutely nothing to do with any of his policies:

I want to point out as a guy who has been in this battle now as well and has had every had every gun turned on me from the right and the left. It only gets tougher from here. If, Sir, you are this thin-skinned about your politics, it might be best for you to stay on the sidelines, maybe with Michelle Obama, and not enter this race. The last thing we need is someone challenging Barack Obama not as president of the United States but challenging Barack Obama for hist title as the most thin-skinned president in American history.

Besides the self-contradiction, Beck's statement is also pretty laughable given that it comes from the guy who spent an entire show and more whining about being named Media Matters' Misinformer of the Year. That's right, Beck's award from an organization he surely doesn't support was more important than the likely collapse of the United States at the hands of liberals, Democrats and, especially President Obama. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any slight Beck doesn't respond to.

Audio clip via Media Matters.

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