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Steve Doocy Advances Fox Meme Of Lady Gaga's War on Easter

Reported by Priscilla - April 22, 2011 -

This week, Christians commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus and Jews observe Passover. In the United States, there are many different Christian denominations as well as Reformed, Conservative, and Orthodox Jews. But if you watch Fox, you'd think that America was one big happy Catholic parish given that their only official clergy spokesperson is a Roman Catholic priest, Father Jonathan Morris. For the Catholic lay opinion, Fox News frequently turns to the anti-Semitic, homophobic, and generally vile Bill Donohue of the Catholic League who is not an official spokesperson for the Catholic Church; but you wouldn't know it from watching Fox pundits who are more than happy to validate his rants about non existent defamation of Catholics. Given Father Morrison's Fox "News" pulpit, it wasn't surprising to see the erstwhile young padre commenting yesterday, about Maundy/Holy Thursday and today about what Good Friday is all about - as well as weighing in on the sinful Lady Gaga who is upsetting Bill Donohue with the Easter release of her new single, "Judas." Donohue ranted about that on "America Live," earlier this week. Naturally, good conservative Catholic Steve Doocy is more than happy to advance Donohue's latest faux outrage which he did, on this morning's Fox and Friends, in a segment that seemed to be focused on just Catholics. So, rather than "America's Newsroom," is Fox "News," really the Vatican's newsroom?

To Steve's question about how Christians observe Good Friday, Father Morris talked about the Stations of the Cross - which is a Catholic thing although it's done by some Episcopalian churches. The graphic behind Doocy and Morris was not a generic, Christian visual. It was a great big "Sacred Heart" - an image of Christ pointing to his exposed heart which has a crown of thorns around it This is a something that was popularized after an 18th century Catholic nun said that she saw this image during a mystical experience. It is used, almost exclusively, by Roman Catholics, so why would "America's Newsroom," which is supposedly "fair & balanced," use a symbol that is not very inclusive?

After Morris mentioned Easter, Doocy segued into Lady Gaga with his Bill Donohue inspired comment about how Gaga is releasing her "Judas" video on Sunday. The Bill Donohue inspired chyron read "Unholy Lyrics, Gaga's Song "Judas" Angers Catholics." He played some of the song while a video, unrelated to "Judas," was shown. According to Steve, she's "singing this from the point of view of Mary Magdalene." (Actually, it could be a commentary on any toxic relationship). Morris said that there were "some truly blasphemous things in turning something sacred into something really cruel and mundane." But then he cited another part of the song which, he thinks, shows "some hope" and that "she's crying out." He said even though the lyrics say she's "beyond repentence," there's hope for everybody. The next chyron was "Controversy follows Gaga, New Song Shows Her Love For Judas." (Uh, not it doesn't) Morris said that Gaga "is in the period of her life in that she's chosen the dark side; but she's reaching out, she's grasping, fame doesn't do it..." The chyron "Judas' Fuss, Lady Gaga Angers Catholic League Over Song." (Like she or we really care?) The next chyron asked the question of whether the song is "innovative or offensive." Steve said that he bets she "sells a bunch of records."

Comment: While I think that Morris over thought the whole thing (sometimes a song is a song), at least he was willing to use it as basis for a discussion about the theme of redemption which is appropriate given the season. He didn't issue a blanket condemnation, as did Bill Donohue. His faith is strong enough so that he's not totally vaclempt about it as is Bill Donohue. At least he didn't do the "but they don't do that to Muslims" trope that Donohue and MacCalllum agreed on! That Fox "News" would attack Lady Gaga shows that they are really desperate to come up with some type of pretense to further their "war on Christians" causus belli! But here's the thing. Wasn't Judas beloved by Jesus even though Jesus' knew that Judas would be an instrument of Jesus' death? So rather than Lady Gaga saying that she's in love with Judas, perhaps she's talking about Jesus! Oh noooo. I just committed blasphemy and need to be paddled by Bill Donohue who probably has had some experience in that area but I digress....I guess, like Gaga, I'm just another irreverent, former Catholic schoolgirl!


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