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Gretchen Carlson & Father Frank Pavone Continue To Politicize "Baby Joseph"

Reported by Priscilla - April 21, 2011 -

While the rest of the country is focused on the economy and wars which aren't going too swimmingly, the Fox "News" audience is consumed with curiosity about "Baby Joseph," the terminally ill Canadian baby whose case became a cause celebre with the "right to life" movement and Fox "News." A Canadian hospital ordered the removal of life support for the child and refused to do a tracheotomy because they felt it would cause the child discomfort. "Right to Life" groups took up the cause and were aided and abetted by America's "pro-life" newsroom, Fox "News," which politicized and sensationalized the issue (as they did with Terri Schiavo). Not only did they attack the Canadian healthcare system, but they resurrected "death panels" in suggesting that the Canadian decision was the type of policy contained in Obama's health care reform. Steve Doocy even claimed that the Canadian hospital wanted Baby Joseph "to die." As a result of the right wing media frenzy, the Canadian hospital had to add security because of numerous death threats. But Baby Joseph was taken to the US for a tracheotomy at a Catholic hospital via a standard medical flight and not a daring midnight rescue as fantasized by radical anti-abortion "priest for life" Frank Pavone who got lots of sweet face time, on Fox, for his role in the sad situation. Baby Joseph, recently baptized a Catholic by Pavone, has now returned to Canada and seems to be stable. This morning, former Miss America and super, duper Christian Gretchen Carlson provided us with an update about Baby Joseph, more free publicity for the shameless self promoter Pavone, and more politicizing about that evil Canadian healthcare system.

After Pavone engaged in self congratulations, Gretch said it was so frustrating for the baby's father because it seemed that "he had no rights. That the government run panel was basically telling him what they were going to do to his child." Fact Check - hospitals have been doing this in the US for years. (see links here) Naturally, Pavone, picked up the propaganda ball and ran with it by saying that the hospital was trying to "impose upon this family the value and meaning of this child's life." He said that this case should be an example to families to "fight hard" because "doctors aren't the one's that make the ultimate decision and don't interpret for us the value and meaning of life." (No, padre, the insurance companies do!) Gretch mentioned that Priests for Life covered the child's medical expenses but they also have a fund for that purpose. Pavone urged people to stay engaged "in the pro-life effort because we have more victories to win."

Comment: If Baby Joseph had been an American "anchor baby," do ya think that Fox would have been so supportive?! But if ya didn't get enough Frank Pavone, he's scheduled to be on this afternoon's "America Live" where, I'm sure, good Catholic Martha MacCallum will provide him with gushing validation. Fox "News" - America's Pro-life Newsroom!


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