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Fox "Fair & Balanced" News And Megyn Kelly Are Praying For Baby Joseph!

Reported by Priscilla - April 21, 2011 -

In addition to being "America's Newsroom," Fox News has become the "Baby Joseph" newsroom. This morning, Gretchen Carlson conducted a reverential interview with shameless self promoting "Priest for Life," Father Frank Pavone, who was last seen, on Fox, regaling the audience with his fantasy about how he heroically "rescued" Baby Joseph from the clutches of the murderous Canadian healthcare system. Later, on America Live, not only did Shannon Bream provide a news update about "Baby Joseph" Maraachli's return home; but she had another segment in which the baby's father discussed the newest developments and thanked all those who helped get the child to an American hospital. Interestingly, now that the child will be followed up by evil, socialized, Canadian health care, Mr. Maraachli praised Canadian health care and the hospital where Baby Joseph had been getting treatment - although he did express his anger at the ICU doctor who recommended that the child be removed from life support. The interview then took an interesting turn which proved, beyond what I feel is a reasonable doubt, that Fox "News" cannot make the claim that it's "news" programming (which "America Live" is a part of) is anything remotely resembling an objective treatment of the news.

The best part of the coverage was when Shannon Bream read a letter from Megyn Kelly who is very happy that Baby Joseph's family "may now have some peace" (and hopefully, the Canadian hospital won't get any more death threats) "and I will continue praying for the beautiful Baby Joseph." But hold that gag reflex. It gets better. At the end of the six minute piece, Bream said that "we are so happy, blessings to you as well." After Mr. Maraachli thanked Bream, she said that "we are happy you're together and our prayers are with you."

Comment: Should a "fair & balanced" news network be taking sides in what should have been a private family healthcare situation? Should a news network be promoting the health care needs of an individual or a family as Fox has done with Baby Joseph? Shouldn't news coverage of a health care conflict be done in an objective manner without interjection of personal feelings? Should a news network interject religious sentiment into a news story? If Fox wants to be consistent, should they now adopt any and all children who are having a problem accessing healthcare? And if so, should they be articulating that they are praying for them? And why stop there. Aren't there other causes and people that Fox "News" could be praying for? At this point, why doesn't Fox just drop the pretense of "fair & balanced" and rename itself "America's Christian Newsroom." Color my cynical; but this latest bit of piety is truly gag worthy and not worthy of any media outlet that pretends to do "real news."

BTW: In an article, on the Fox News website, Dr. Manny Alvarez said that he was praying for "Baby Joseph." Jesus must have lots of friends at Fox "News!"


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