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Martha MacCallum & Bill Donohue Want Lady Gaga To Offend Muslims?!

Reported by Priscilla - April 20, 2011 -

For Fox "News," ain't no party like a right wing Christian pity party and ain't no Christian pity partier like Bill Donohue, the head of the "Catholic League" which isn't an official mouthpiece for the Catholic church. But you wouldn't know that from watching Fox which does seem to love Bill and his rants about alleged slights to the Catholic church which, most recently, consisted of rants, on Fox & Friends, about the "little preppy boys" who wouldn't light up the Empire State Building for Mother Teresa's birthday. For those of you not familiar with Bill, he longs to go back to the "good old days" of Catholic education when nuns were free to physically abuse students while the priests were free to sexually molest them; although Bill says the victims were not children and were not raped. In fact, he claims that the Catholic sex abuse scandal was the fault of "pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-women clergy." Donohue longs for those halcyon days of the Index of Forbidden Books and "The Legion of Decency" (movies approved and forbidden by the church) - a golden era when Catholics were "protected" from secular influences. In that spirit, Donohue is attacking the awesome Lady Gaga for her latest single, "Judas," because he thinks it's an attack on Catholicism when it's really a commentary on toxic relationships. So it wasn't surprising to see Donohue being interviewed and validated by fellow Catholic Martha MacCallum about this newest bogus outrage. But there's more. Bill promoted the requisite aggrieved right wing Christian trope that while Christians are bashed, nobody wants to offend Muslims. So in addition to a Christian pity party, Fox "News" had a little Muslim bashing party. Ain't no party like a Fox "News" party!

Today, on America' s Newsroom, the opening chyron was "Gaga to Leak Controversial New "Judas" Video on Easter Sunday" (Oh, noooo, the War on Easter!). While Gaga's new song contains New Testament metaphors common to both Catholics and Protestants (Bill probably thinks of them as heretics), the right wing Catholic League's Bill Donohue seems to be the only one generating a "controversy." Bill began the whine: "This is a pattern. This is a girl that gets dressed like a nun to get raped, who swallows a rosary, who's been dissing Catholics on and off..." Donohue continued to whine "and for some reason they have to use Holy Week, don't they." He claimed that the Catholic League has been "tracking" this stuff..." (Oh, let's bring back the Inquisition, that'll take care of the problem!) and that "a lot of people" want to send "a middle finger message to Catholics." He said he's "fed up because they use Holy Week" and that "if Gaga has a problem with religion let her pick on the Muslims." MacCallum responded that Gaga merely copies Madonna's style. They admitted that Gaga has talent. Donohue said that he was talking to the "girls in the green room" who are Gaga fans. (Uh, Bill, if these females are over the age of 16, they're women.) But Bill still wanted to know why those with talent have to get "edgy" with "his" religion. While admitting that it's not going to corrupt youth or tear down the Catholic Church, he asserted that we need a "time out."

MacCallum segued into the (drumroll please) requisite anti-Muslim agitprop when she said that Donohue "raised a good point." She said "Can you imagine if she did something like this denigrating the Muslim religion." Bill ranted about this so called double standard but qualified it by saying that equality is not "dumping" on Muslims. He noted that respect for Muslim rights is motivated by fear. He asked "do they want Catholics to pick up a machete in order for them to get their rights?" He did admit that Gaga's song is hardly the worst thing" that he as "seen." (Uh, the video hasn't been released - only the audio) I nearly spit out my coffee when he said that in addition to the timing, he doesn't like the "copycatting" of Madonna. (So Bill is a Madonna fan!) MacCallum validated Donohue by saying that Donohue is the only one who is willing to take on these issues and "you know if she picked on any other religion, there would be a huge outcry. She would be banned from concerts. She would be excoriated." When Bill said that she might be confused about Catholicism, Martha responded that the lyrics show that she "clearly" has a problem. (MacCallum hasn't read the lyrics, either) The muy macho Donohue joked that “You hang out with Bill Donohue, I’ll buy you a beer, honey, and maybe we can straighten you out."

Comment: Gaga states that "the inspiration and the soul and idea that out of your oppression, your darkness, your Judas, you can come into the marvelous light. So it's about the inspiration and to never give up…"

If anyone deserves a middle finger message it's Bill Donohue.


The audio for the video which hasn't been released. Sources say Gaga will be dressed in black. The song really rocks. Lyrics here.