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Brian Kilmeade's Tease = Homophobic, Right Wing Propaganda?

Reported by Priscilla - April 20, 2011 -

There is no depth to which Fox "News" will not sink in order to placate the bigotry of its conservative, Christian base. Yesterday, in a "tease" which previewed an upcoming discussion about a proposed change to the California social studies curriculum, Brian Kilmeade teased the segment with the question, "Should public school teachers be ordered to tell their students why it's OK to be gay?" Later in the show, right wing Tucker Carlson presented right wing propaganda in claiming that a proposed California curriculum, which includes teaching about gay historical figures and gay issues, was propaganda for a politcally powerful group. (Oh, the irony!) Kilmeade's comment set the stage by communicating what is a right wing lie about a curriculum which adds gays to women, minorities, religious, and ethnic groups as worthy of mention in the context of history. A teacher would be allowed to tell their students that Walt Whitman and Langston Hughes were gay. (Side Note - isn't it a hoot that Rick Santorum wasn't aware that his campaign slogan was a line from a Langston Hughes poem!). They might mention that gays were forced to wear pink triangles as they were marched off to the gas chamber in Nazi Germany. In other words, this is about facts - not value judgements about sexual orientation. But Kilmeade was doing his duty in distorting the issue as one of the educational system giving its approval to homosexuality - something that the Christian right is really, really scared about given that they think that anti-bullying programs are "homosexualizing" students. Fox "News' - America's homophobic newsroom!


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