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Fox & Friends & Tucker Carlson Promote Homophobic Propaganda Re Proposed CA "Gay History" Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - April 19, 2011 -

Fox & Friends, as the mouthpiece for the Christian right, is always happy to oblige whenever nice, conservative, Christians are threatened by satanic secularism. During the "Texas texbook Wars, when the Texas Board of Education successfully fought for a more dominionist Christian view of history to be incorporated into Texas texts, Fox & Friends provided a week of propaganda promoting this world view. The Christian right hates, really really hates, anything related to the LGBT community and God forbid that this community be shown any amount of tolerance in the public schools. They think (I'm not kidding) that anti-bullying programs are part of "gay indoctrination." And now that a bill has been proposed, in California, to require social science curriculums to teach "the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, as well as Pacific Islanders and those with disabilities," groups like the California Catholic Conference, California Concerned Women for America, the Conservative Party (California) and the Traditional Values Coalition, have their nice, clean, heterosexual panties in a wad. While this merely requires that the curriculum add the roles of the LBGT community to the roles played by women, ethnic, and, religious, and racial groups, one of Fox's key demographics isn't happy. Thus, it was no surprise that today's Fox & Friends featured famous "dick," Tucker Carlson who claimed that this curriculum was a propagandistic lie. But in promoting Christian right propaganda, Tucker Carlson also told some propagandistic lies being promoted by the Christian right. Ironic, don't ya think!

Steve Doocy, a good conservative Christian heterosexual, reported on the bill. He asked their only guest, Tucker Carlson, "I get where history books should, mmm, be about people who have impacted our history but now they've got to find find mm people from this particular demographic to fullfill the bill?" Tucker Carlson cited two problems. "First that it's frivolous. California public schools are failing." He asked what percentage of California high school seniors can identify the Magna Carta and Leon Trotsky. He added that while Leon Trotsky's "sex life may be interesting; but not central to why he's a historical figure..." Tucker, whose comments did seem to reflect an obsession about evil gay sex, asserted that "you're not preparing kids for life by dwelling on the sex lives of people to the exclusion of understanding why the world is the way it is today." He claimed that he wasn't "against learning about gay people, of course not, many of them have affected history" but added that "most of the time" their "sexual preference isn't at the center of why they're important, so it's telling kids stuff that isn't central to understanding the world." Irony Alert - Tucker said - are ya ready for it- "it's propaganda, it's lying. Whenever a school system is mandated by law to teach happy news, non controversial ,complimentary facts about a group of people, they are excluding the unhappy facts and they are therefore lying." (Uh, so teaching about the assassination of Harvey Milk, by a crazed, homophobe is "happy news?" Really?)

Gretchen Carlson read a statement from the bill's sponser in which he comments that if we expect youth to treat their peers with dignity, they shouldn't be denied accurate, historical contributions of Americans who are LGBT. Gretch wanted to know how old the kids would be when they are first exposed to this material. Tucker obviously hasn't done all his homework because he said that "it doesn't matter because at any age, teaching propaganda is wrong." Fact Check: "School districts would have flexibility in deciding what to include in the lessons and at what grades students would receive them." He did his little "I am not a homophobe dance" when he said that nobody has ever said that gays should be excluded from history. He claimed that the bill would "teach kids politically charged facts that are not the whole story. You would lie to kids. It would prevent schools from teaching kids things that reflected poorly on a group that has political power." Doocy said sure. Doocy said that this bill prohibits the adoption of any materials that "reflect adversely on gays or particular religions" and "that doesn't sound good." (Aww, no materials that say that gays are going to hell?) Tucker said that this was an attempt to prevent material "critical to Islam from reaching students." (Is that so, Tucker!) Doocy said "yeah," when Tucker said it's propaganda. When Tucker said that this will be mandatory, Doocy, who sent his kids to Catholic schools, said "home school."

Comment: While the purpose of this curriculum is, in part, to counteract bullying, this wasn't mentioned as that would have taken away from the "be scared" of the gay agenda message that was being communicated. It's obvious that Tucker Carlson has either no clue about the curriculum or is deliberately lying for the sake of the propaganda. He didn't mention that other CA school districts already have this curriculum and the world is still safe from the "gay agenda." Why is it a "lie" to teach that discrimination towards gays is part of our history and that it was only been remedied, in some areas of the country, in the last 20 years. Why is it a "lie" to teach that the Stone Walls riots, when the gays fought NY City police, were in response to police harassment of gays? Why is it a "lie" to teach that gays in the military were ordered to keep their identity a secret? Why is it a "lie" to teach that a person's feelings about their sexual identity informed their art and literature? This isn't about sex but a community that has been left out of history. Jon Stewart was so right. Tucker Carlson is such a "dick." And Stewart's description of Tucker also applies to Steve Doocy who recommends home-schooling rather than have your kids learn about gays. Pathetic. But this is Fox & Friends.


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