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Ann Coulter Was For The War In Afghanistan Before She Wondered Why We’re There

Reported by Ellen - April 19, 2011 -

Two-Time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter was back on Hannity last night (4/18/11) (once again no mention of her very suspicious voting history) and in between her trademark invective against Democrats and liberals, asked rhetorically, "What are we doing in Afghanistan?" Anyone familiar with Coulter may have wanted to turn to her own past words in strong support of the war in response. Sean Hannity predictably went all amnesiac and acted as though she had always opposed the war.

Ironically, earlier in the interview, Coulter sneered about Democrats’ records being a liability for them and she called Democrats “sneaky and deceptive.” As I tweeted Coulter, with her voting history, I’d be careful about calling anyone else sneaky and deceptive.

Her record on Afghanistan leaves much to be desired, too. Last night, Coulter complained about “utterly pointless, extremely expensive wars, never-ending wars with no end in sight. What are we doing in Afghanistan? … What does victory look like in Afghanistan?”

Well, you tell us, Annie.

In 2001, you called Afghanistan a “war against fundamentalism,” and complained about liberals not supporting it because “it would put them on the same side as the United States.” Which side are you on now?

In 2002, you gushed, “But we are not at war with Afghanistan. To the contrary! We are the current Afghanistan government’s biggest best buddy in the whole world, though they seem to think the name of our country is "the Pentagon."

In 2006, you insisted the war in Afghanistan is going “swimmingly.”

As recently as February 2010, you said “bombs are the answer” for Afghanistan.

So what made you change your mind? It wouldn’t be anything so un-American as a change in the commander-in-chief, would it? Or do you just take as much care with your political positions as you do with your voting?

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