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Brian Kilmeade Doesn't Disclose Guest's GOP Leadership Position

Reported by Priscilla - April 18, 2011 -

This morning, on Fox & Friends, sports guy Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade had a "fair & balanced" discussion about whether the US, as recommended by Donald Trump, should seize Iraq's oil. After playing video of Trump's comments, Brian was very excited. But he later became truculent when one of his guests, Ben Lando (founder of "Iraq Oil Report") vehemently argued against the oil seizure idea. In responding, Kilmeade used the same pissed off voice inflections that he uses when he does his I hate Muslims and illegal aliens routines. Brian was more positively disposed towards his other guest Thomas Basile, whom Brian identified as the Senior Press Advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority. While Basile had some issues with seizing the oil, he argued that Trump's position, that the US needs to maintain a military presence in Iraq, is right. When Lando snarked that Trump had never been to Iraq and Basile lounged by the CPA pool, Brian got really pissy and snarked that Iraq was a "big resort." Partisan business as usual from Brian who neglected to inform the audience about Basile's current position which is - are ya ready for it - Executive Director of the NY Republican State Committee. So there you have it, a part of Trump's foreign policy getting a not so subtle seal of approval from one of his homies and a rather high ranking one at that. Why wouldn't Brian, who did seem to fancy what this fellow said, tell us that he was a local GOP biggie? Maybe he just forgot. Go, figure!

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