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Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Gives Neil Cavuto A Talking To

Reported by Guest Blogger - April 15, 2011 -

By Brian

Three cheers for Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) who didn’t mince words or suck up when she debated Neil Cavuto Wednesday (4/13/11) about Congressional Progressive Caucus’ People’s Budget as an alternative to the House GOP budget.

Johnson said, "I want to see some vision and planning for the future of this nation. All of us know that just cutting and doing nothing else is doing nothing more than running jobs out of the country, and getting rid of jobs that are here. We can not solve the problem by just cutting… We've got to have revenue generation, we’ve got to have money for education, we’ve got to innovate, we’ve got to create jobs."

Cavuto interrupted. "Congresswoman, we’re broke."

Johnson said, “We can not afford to allow this nation to throw away its future. We've already lost the edge."

Cavuto was a one-trick pony, essentially saying the same thing throughout the interview. "We've already lost the edge, Congresswoman, because we're so damn broke… Maybe it's time to dig out."

Johnson said, "We can not dig out by cutting all of the livelihood away from our future. We can not do it at the expense of our seniors, we can not do it at the expense of our future with our young people in education."

Cavuto interrupted. "Don't we owe those young people a debt free life? …Maybe the best present we can give them is no debt."

Johnson replied, "The best present we can give them is a good education with a good direction in innovation so that we can get this country moving. I am not willing to give all of what we’ve invested to another nation."

It went on like this until, apparently, Johnson had had enough. She said, "You don't listen, you just scream, and you're screaming the same thing these fools are screaming here... What are these kids going to do? They’ll have no education, no innovation, no health care, seniors will be out of nursing homes."

Cavuto shot back, "If you’re broke, you don’t have options… I would love to have a house in Tahiti, then I came to this annoying fact that I don't have the money."

Johnson said, "You don't get any return without investment."

"Where are you going to get it (raising money)?" Cavuto asked.

Johnson said, "Restructuring this tax code, by getting rid of the big tax breaks for the very rich, closing loopholes for the big companies, tax these companies that are getting offshore." She also mentioned the "wars that we should not have been in." She said to Cavuto, "You sit there and be as ignorant as you’d like to be." After chiding him for having gone to “hell in a handbasket,” she admonished, “You’ve got to get yourself some vision and find a way to solve this problem.”

Johnson is a top dog for standing up to Cavuto and saying there's more to deficit reduction than just cutting, there’s investing.

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