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Hannity And Trump Suggest Obama’s A White-Hating Muslim Who Had Bill Ayers Write His Book

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2011 -

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity upped the racial/ethnic ante against President Barack Obama tonight in a series of sickening, unfounded and outright false accusations and innuendoes. There was the familiar birther bit, which Hannity predictably abetted, plus a dollop of speculation that Obama could be a Muslim – also aided and abetted by Hannity – with bonus racial points of dragging in Rev. Wright and the Fox News uber black boogeyman, Louis Farrakhan. And just to make sure it was 2008 all over again, there was a lot of talk about Tony Rezko and “unrepentant terrorist” Bill Ayers who, Trump clairvoyantly decided, must be the real author of Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father.

In Part 1 of tonight’s interview (a continuation of an interview from the night before) Trump reiterated for the zillionth time on Fox News, his utterly and completely discredited birther accusations. And for the zillionth time, he was allowed to get away with blatantly false claims on "fair and balanced" Fox News.

Trump falsely claimed that Obama’s certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate but a “big, big step lower.” Of course, the U.S. State Department disagrees but what do they know?

Trump falsely alleged Obama has not shown his birth certificate. Not only has he shown it, it was examined and authenticated by two non-partisan fact-checking organizations.

Trump repeated his discredited accusation that Obama “spent millions of dollars” avoiding the release of his birth certificate.

Trump also reiterated the phony claim that Obama’s grandmother said he was born in Kenya.

Hannity made a show of balance by saying that “one thing” on Obama’s side is the notice of his birth in the Hawaii papers. Trump, again, uttered a pile of BS, by protesting that the fact that the notice was printed eight days later signified something sinister. In fact, as FactCheck.org noted in a post entitled, Donald, You’re Fired! “a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information came straight from the state health department.” Hannity either didn’t know or didn’t care enough to correct Trump on that or anything else. “The issue would go away in a minute,” Hannity said, if only Obama were to show his birth certificate. That’s another falsehood right there because Obama has produced his birth certificate and for the sake of partisan gain, Hannity has not just refused to acknowledge it but deliberately perpetuated the suspicion that Obama is hiding something.

But wait, there’s more. Trump speculated that one of the reasons Obama has not produced his birth certificate was because, “Maybe it says he’s Muslim, which wouldn’t bother me.” I’m sure some of Trump’s best friends are “the Muslims,” just like “the blacks” are.

Hannity had something to add now. “(Obama) went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. He talks about studying the Koran, he talks about one of the most beautiful moments being (Muslim) prayer time at sunset.”

Then Trump added a new falsehood. “He was born Barry Soetero. Somewhere along the line he changed his name.” Actually, Soetero is the name of Obama’s step-father whom Obama’s mother married when Obama was six. As his birth certificate shows, Obama was born Barack Hussein Obama II.

Trump went on to say that Obama had “terrible marks” but somehow made it into Harvard (I don’t have time to investigate that one) and moved on to suggest Ayers was the real author of Dreams From My Father. His evidence? “(Obama) wrote a book that was better than Ernest Hemingway but his second book was written by an average person… Everyone says (Ayers) is a super genius and he’s a great writer and Bill Ayers just came out recently ‘cause he’s not in love with Obama ‘cause …(Obama) dropped him like a dog.” Hannity nodded appreciatively, giving this crap a stamp of approval. But later, in the second and final installment of the interview, Trump told Hannity, “I’d love to know who wrote that book.” Hannity, of course, let the contradiction pass without comment.

Then it was time for specifically racial allegations. Trump said, “He’s in Rev. Wright’s congregation for 20 years listening to Rev. Wright spew hate against white people and all of a sudden (Obama) drops him like a dog.” By the way, it’s a distortion to suggest that Rev. Wright spewed hatred against white people for 20 years. Most of the controversy over his remarks had to do with his comments about America. Maybe for Trump maligning America IS maligning white people. But if you’ve got an in with the blacks like Trump does, you get lots of leeway.

After a rehashing of the debunked Tony Rezko controversy, they got back to the racial insinuations. Well, after another go at Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright.

It was “I Care Deeply About (White) Race” Hannity who made a point of bringing up race again. Apropos of nothing related to anything Trump had mentioned, Hannity asked, “If you and your wife were on or your wife was on a magazine cover with Mrs. Farrakhan, who I think is a vicious, virulent anti-Semite and racist, which Michelle Obama was on a cover with Mrs. Farrakhan, he lives two blocks away from Obama, he’s within the radical community in Chicago, is that a legitimate question?”

Never mind that Hannity has already obsessively "investigated" Obama’s supposed connection to Farrakhan and come up empty. After all, if Michelle Obama was on a magazine cover with Mrs. Farrakhan that must mean way more than, say, a radio talk show host repeatedly welcoming an anti-Semite and racist to his show, the way Hannity did with Hal Turner.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for legitimate news in America in 2011. Apparently, all the adulation he’s received on Fox News has given Trump the idea he’s got some kind of knack for investigating. “I want to be Bob Woodward,” Trump told Hannity. I’ve got an inkling Trump would be fired from The Washington Post or just about any other newspaper before he even walked in the door. But, hey, the World Net Daily might have an opening. And as long as he’s talking smack against Democrats, I’m sure there will always be a place for Trump at Fox.

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