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Gov. Scott Walker Insists, “I’m Pro Worker”

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren asked some good, tough questions when she interviewed Governor Scott Walker Thursday night (4/14/11) but she let slide this knee-slapper of an answer without comment.

GVS: You’ve been painted as anti-labor, especially with this collective bargaining issue. There’s also an ordinance coming out of Milwaukee in which a private ordinance said that private businesses, large and small, had to give a certain number of sick days per year… Now there’s a bill that’s coming to you, that says, essentially, get rid of that ordinance. Are you anti-labor?

SW: No, I’m pro worker. What we’re about is protecting jobs in the state, growing jobs… I want people to work.

Yeah, he wants them to work – without any worker protections. That’s why so many workers were protesting in Wisconsin recently.

Van Susteren didn’t challenge Scott’s laughable claim but she did question his support for the bill since it applied to private, not public workers.

Van Susteren went on to discuss Walker’s testimony earlier that day, especially his claim that his budget is “truly progressive,” but she somehow failed to note that pro-Walker had admitted during his testimony that his anti-union bill “doesn’t save any money” for the state of Wisconsin. She did find time to bring up the Republican talking point about President Obama’s supposed affront to Rep. Paul Ryan the day before.

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