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Gretchen Carlson Endorses Christian Zionist, Islamophobic, Homophobic End Time Pastor John Hagee's New Book

Reported by Priscilla - April 14, 2011 -

In keeping with its tradition of Coffee, Smiles, Fear, and Terror, Gretchen Carlson, yesterday, interviewed John Hagee about his book, "Can America Survive?" Hagee is a millionaire "mega church" pastor whose endorsement of John McCain, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, was rejected by McCain after it was revealed that Hagee had said, during a sermon, that Hitler and the Holocaust "had been part of God’s plan to chase the Jews from Europe and drive them to Palestine." It was also made public that Hagee had referred to the Catholic Church as "the great whore." Hagee is not exactly in the Christian mainstream in that he focuses on the coming "end times" which can only be achieved if there is an invasion of Iran, followed by a world war (which Hagee & co. will miss because they will have been "raptured") led by the anti-Christ, and the eventual return of Jesus to Jerusalem where he will be made king of the world. At that point, Jews will either accept Jesus or be cast into the Lake of Fire with the rest of us non believers. But Hagee does love Israel which, according to Hagee, was given by God to the Jews and he is great pals with former Likkud Israeli president, Benyamin Netanyahu and many Orthodox Jews who benefit from the largesse of Hagee and his fellow "Christian Zionists," who formed a lobby group (CUFI) to advance Israel's causes. Hagee's is also very homophobic. He even claimed that Hurricane Katrina was punishment for gay parades. And he is an Islamophobe who frequently has fellow Islamophobe and Fox fave, Brigitte Gabriel on his program, so he's really perfect for Fox. And while Fox had an endless loop of Rev. Wright coverage, in order to show how out of the mainstream he was, they don't seem to have a problem with this guy who makes Louis Farrakhan look a model of lucidity.

Former Miss America and very good Christian, Gretchen Carlson, introduced Hagee as "renowned Christian minister and author." Course she didn't add any of the good stuff, some of which I described above. She said: "Is America heading for a disaster it cannot survive? Our next guest says that right now the economic and geopolitical conditions are perfect for the unthinkable, the perfect storm to happen". Gretch asked Hagee to expand on his belief that "today's geo-political storm is based on America's stand on the Middle East which "could be catastrophic." (Be scared!) The chyron stated "On a Crash Course, Pastor: The US Faces Two Major Threats." Pastor Hagee solemnly intoned about how Israel "is being slowly surrounded by radical Islamic nations that are sworn to their destruction." He referenced Israel's right of self defense and how the peace process has been stalled because Hamas and Hezbollah are "fully dedicated to the destruction" of Israel. He accused Obama of going to Israel and advocating a "no-growth policy" in the West Bank. Rather than commenting about how the West Bank settlement issue is a problem, given the issues of Palestinian statehood, Gretch said "right." He accused Obama of setting "pre-conditions" which created a deadlock.

As the chyron stated as fact - no Cavuto mark - "On the Path to Disaster, Geopolitical and Economic Storms Brewing," (Be so scared) Gretch steered Hagee into a discussion how "debt" is another condition for disaster. Hagee ranted about the national debt and cited GOP Republican Paul Ryan's comment that "America's future is at stake." Hagee ranted about how oil controls our economy and - are ya ready for it - "Radical Islam controls the Suez Canal on both ends" which, according to Hagee, was "proven" because Iranian warships went through the canal. Gretch said "right." Hagee continued to rant about how countries controlled by radical Islam can shut off the supply of "all the oil." Gretch said that Hagee "made those connections between the geo-political and the economic and you also touch on the religion in your book". She said that this "is a great new book"

Comment: Gretch didn't mention the really juicy parts of the book which has been updated since Glenn Beck endorsed the original edition. Hagee talks about how a third of humanity will be killed by an environmental disasters, and how God will "crush Russia," and that Al Quaeda, in co-operation with Iran, will detonate bombs in American cities. Ya gotta love Fox & Friends. Whereas Morning Joe, in analyzing foreign policy, uses the intellectual acumen of Richard Haas from the Council on Foreign Relations, Fox & Friends has wingnut Pastor Hagee. Oh, and memo to Gretch, Hagee doesn't like Harry Potter so if your kids have those books, get them out of the house! I quote:

"America has become a pagan society and we are in a moral, emotional, spiritual free fall. When a school teacher cannot refer to the Ten Commandments on the wall but can command your child to read Harry Potter, which is nothing but a precursor of witchcraft, we' going in the wrong direction here. This is not intelligence! We are embracing the era of darkness! re embracing the era of darkness! When the Boy Scouts of America are censored and penalized for refusing to accept homosexual scout leaders, we are a pagan nation where we're rebirthing Sodom and Gomorrah"

Gotta love Fox & Friends!