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Dennis Miller On The Disadvantaged: Let Them Get Eaten Up On The Serengeti Plain Of Life

Reported by Ellen - April 14, 2011 -

FoxNews.com called its video of Dennis Miller’s regular visit to The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday (4/13/11) Must-See Miller Time and I agree – but almost certainly for a different reason. Miller, who has made a career out of being snide and mean-spirited, outdid himself with this rant. First, he whined that disadvantaged people are spongers and that we’d all be better off if we recognized that life is like the Serengeti plain. “If somebody’s going to perpetually exhibit a limp, they’re gonna get fed on… That’s the way life works.” Miller also went on to sneer that the reason Islamic terrorists turn to violence is because they don’t get enough sex. For the finale, he called Prince William’s fiancée, Kate Middleton, a “hot chick.” Lovely. As usual.

First, Miller and O’Reilly discussed Obama’s deficit speech earlier in the day. Whereas most of the conservative opposition to Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest so as to preserve social safety nets for the least fortunate has been centered on the need to cut spending, Miller came right out and suggested the poor deserved to die if they couldn’t get by on their own.

Let’s face facts, Billy, we’re dangerously near a tipping point in this country… where what the Dems and Kucinich refer to as the working class? Let’s just say it as it is, there are some people in the working class that aren’t working as hard as they used to be. And the people who never get credit for, the piggish overlords, still like busting their tails, and they want to get ahead and they have to deem how many people in the working class are helpless people who deserve help and how many are clueless people that don’t deserve the time of day… Americans, good-hearted people, want to take care of the helpless, don’t give a rat’s ass about the clueless any more.

…I do believe in Darwin in that I believe in the survival of the fittest to some degree… I do think people want to give. I think they’re getting sick of propping up losers and I think we’ve reached a point in history where we have to separate those who break our hearts and deserve it and those who are just screw ups… This is the Serengeti plain – if somebody’s going to perpetually exhibit a limp, they’re gonna get fed on… That’s the way life works.

Then it was on to the French banning of burkas, described by O’Reilly as “Muslim veils.”

Miller’s “cleverness” was really on display here. He likened women in burkas to “dressing up like Atticus’ daughter, Scout, as the canned ham on Halloween,” and added, "Who dresses women like this? …I don’t understand guys - and this is why they blow stuff up – cause they’re not having enough sex, some of these guys, ‘cause they dress their women up in this pup tent, for God’s sake.”

Hahaha. Not.

Next on the Dennis Miller hit parade, the upcoming royal wedding. Miller described it as “cool guy, hot chick” before lampooning Prince Charles for being overly concerned about global warming.

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