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What’s More Ridiculous: Coulter Saying Fox News Has Not Discussed Obama’s Birth Certificate Or Hannity Trying To Pretend She’s Right?

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2011 -

For a few moments, I thought two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter was going to actually win my praise last night (4/11/11) as she completely and unequivocally shot down the conspiracy theory about President Obama’s birth certificate. But just as I was thinking of how I’d phrase my props in a blog post, she came out with the vilely ridiculous claim that only the liberal media is discussing birtherism. According to the seriously deluded, ignorant or dishonest (or all of the above) Coulter, Fox News, along with “every responsible conservative organization to look at it has shot it down.” Meanwhile, instead of standing up for the “controversy” he has promoted at nearly every opportunity, bullyboy Sean Hannity now cowered and acted as though he agreed with Coulter. He didn’t even have the guts to stand up for his network which has been just as gaga for birtherism as he. In fact, in the very next show, Greta Van Susteren gave Donald Trump plenty of uninterrupted, unchallenged air time to once again rehash his birth certificate conspiracy theories.

Even Hannity’s introduction to the Coulter interview made it clear that neither he, nor Sarah Palin nor Fox News had “shot down” Trump. Hannity said that Trump “continues to search for other answers and ask tough questions that no one else wants to, like the truth about President Obama’s birth certificate, an investigation which Governor Sarah Palin seems to support.” He played a clip of Palin’s “more power to him” quote from her appearance on Fox News over the weekend.

As Coulter did a rather terrific job of completely debunking the birth certificate conspiracy and then went on to ludicrously claim that it was “normally” being “talked about exclusively on the liberal cable stations,” Hannity suddenly forgot how enthusiastic he had been about the subject, forgot about how often it has been discussed and praised on Fox News and suddenly decided maybe Coulter was right. “Yeah, it’s an interesting point,” he said. “And one of the main people demanding it be released is, interestingly, ‘thrill up our leg’ Chris Matthews.”

Coulter must not be watching a lot of Fox News these days because she went on to say, “No conservative who talks on TV or has a column or has a magazine has mentioned the birth certificate issue because we’ve looked at it and discounted it.”

Well, no conservative except – in addition to Hannity and Palin – Don Imus’ producer Bernard McGuirk, Fox News host and former judge Jeanine Pirro, NBC’s Leeann Tweeden, the entire Fox & Friends weekday crew, and Fox News contributor Peter Johnson. Those are just the ones I saw in the last few weeks.

If Hannity had any integrity at all, he would have defended his employer’s, his colleagues’ and his own interest in the birth certificate. After all, given how much coverage it has gotten, it must be pretty important, eh?

Instead, Hannity maneuvered the subject away by saying, “It’s not the only thing that (Trump’s) talked about. I mean, he’s talking about America’s position in the world, our economic policy, balancing budgets, China is not America’s friends (sic), so he’s a lot more substantive but once that (the birth certificate) became an issue and he said it, then it just blew up and every interview that he does – and I’ll ask him about it but it’s not the most important part of our interview.”

Maybe it won’t be. But when, in all the times he gushed over Trump’s potential candidacy did Hannity ever discuss Trump’s views on China, his economic policy or budgets?

Video via Media Matters.

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