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O'Reilly's Fact-Checking Of Obama Myths Just Happens To Raise More Suspicions

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly may have meant well when he devoted his Talking Points segment tonight to separating fact from fiction in Obama rumors. But it just so happened that nearly all the rumors he cited about information Obama has not produced were true. O'Reilly even erroneously said that Obama had not produced his birth certificate - which Alan Colmes later corrected. Meanwhile, rather than forcefully debunk the resurgance of birtherism that has has broken out all over Fox News, the other guest, Monica Crowley, used it to Swift Boat Obama as somehow un-American. For the record, this is exactly what I've been predicting. Crowley also seized on the unanswered questions to suggest that there's something we need to know about the shadowy Obama. Inadvertently or not, O'Reilly's long list of unanswered questions about Obama (most of which, by the way, I've not heard raised) just happened to reinforce Crowley's point.

"The impression is that we have given the keys of the kingdom to a stranger and that's why these myths live," Crowley announced. After going through her list of open "questions" about Obama, Crowley made the Swift Boating more explicit. "Since he has been president... he's adopted some policies that are seriously antithetical to American values... and it feeds into all of these things, O'Reilly, that he really isn't, quote, one of us (she made quotation marks in the air with her hands)." I noticed she didn't disavow any of it. In concert with Trump and a slew of other Fox News)pundits, Crowley later suggested Obama was hiding something. "Obama could put a lot of these things to rest himself and he hasn't," Crowley accused.

Video via Mediaite.

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