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Have No Fear Beck Fans, Bill O'Reilly Has Picked Up The Conspiracy-Theory Mantle

Reported by Ellen - April 12, 2011 -

Glenn Beck may be going or gone from Fox News but it's clear his spirit will live on thanks to Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly didn't just pay homage to Beck last night, he actually adopted Beck's "the left is deliberately ruining the economy" mantra. More than once. O'Reilly even worked in a smear of George Soros while he was at it.

O'Reilly first turned Beckian during his Talking Points segment that opens his show.

Now, the real story, the real story behind the opposition to cutting federal spending...

O'Reilly played a series of clips from "the far left," meaning Congressmen Ed Markey, Anthony Weiner and Senator Charles Schumer plus George Soros. The banner on the screen labeled Soros "far-left billionaire" and O'Reilly referred to him as "the spooky guy, as Beck says." It's worth noting that, according to the stamp on the screen, O'Reilly got his video of Markey from Beck's The Blaze website.

The far left wants the government to control the economy, not private industry... Very simply, they want a recast of the entire American economic system, and the only way that can possibly happen is if the system crashes like it did in 1929. In theory, an economic collapse could allow a new system to rise: a quasi-socialistic system whereby Washington would dole out the jobs and money.

O'Reilly went on to say he didn't know if Obama shared that belief but, he added, "He (Obama) doesn't see (capitalism) like I see it."

Next up, Brit Hume. O'Reilly and Hume spent the beginning of the interview discrediting a new CNN poll favorable to Democrats and Obama regarding the budget compromise. Then O'Reilly repeated his conspiracy theory about the budget.

Now, it took me a long time to get here, but I am here. And I believe people like the New York Times and Soros want the system to crash because there is no other way on earth that they could continue to bang the spending drum, as Soros and the New York Times are doing: keep spending, keep spending, keep spending -- when every economist says the same thing: if you do that, we're going over a cliff economically; all Americans are gonna be harmed. So I think they want the system to crash so they can build it back up in the quasi-European image.

Hume would not buy it. But, as Media Matters noted, Fox Nation did. They trumpeted and showcased O'Reilly's remarks with the headline: O'Reilly: The Far Left Wants To Crash The Economy.

Beck also took note (H/T Aunty Em). On his radio show today, he replayed some of O'Reilly's comments and gloated:

That is incredible. For two years, I have been talking to Bill O'Reilly... and he's never been down that road... This is a huge, huge turning point for Bill O'Reilly, huge, and I think for the country. 'Cause now it's no longer crazy. Now you've got it into the mainstream of Bill O'Reilly. That's incredible.

Can we expect O'Reilly to stand at a chalk board and attack Van Jones next?

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