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Fox & Friends Try To Burnish Trump's Religious Creds?

Reported by Priscilla - April 12, 2011 -

Donald Trump does seem to hold a fascination for Fox "News." This morning, Gretchen Carlson and Eric Bolling (who appears to be another conservative Catholic male in Fox's stable of conservative Catholic not so stud like males) discussed, with Fox's resident clergy person, Father Jonathan Morris, if Trump can meet the religious litmus test of the American people who, despite the catechism and bible thumping on Fox & Friends, are growing less religious overall. It was vintage Fox & Friends in that Gretch worked in a right wing meme and Father Morris took a swipe at Obama whose church going habits also hold a fascination with Fox "News" and Fox "opinion" especially that of Jesus' BFF's on Fox & Friends. (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here,Here, Here). Father Morris discussed it here. If Trump is the GOP candidate (loud guffaw inserted here), do ya think that Fox will be as concerned? Today seemed to be a pre-emptive effort to "prepare ye the way of the Lord" (Trump) that seemed to get a bit dead-ended.

Former Miss America and very, very good Christian Gretchen Carlson introduced the segment by saying that Trump is "getting all his ducks in order including dishing on key social issues." Video of Trump crediting himself as being "honorable" and referencing his conversion to being "pro-life" was being shown. Eric Bolling, a graduate of Jesuit run Loyala Academy (Bolling's views on social justice probably don't correspond to those of the Jesuits), asked if Trump could "earn the trust of religious minded voters." Father Morris said that Americans are forgiving if they are convinced that Trump means what he says and that if he is "pro-life," he has the ability to prove that to the American people with his actions. (So, he should get himself a rosary and accost women going into Planned Parenthood?)

Gretch went into propaganda mode with "we all know that your religious stance is important if you're going to campaign to become president." (Wrong, Gretch, some of us don't care and many of us do care if the candidate is taking marching orders from the Pope or Pat Robertson!). Gretch was speaking for the Fox audience when she said "a lot of people follow that and want to know if you go to church." She smiled as she said that the interview showed that Trump "does go to church, maybe not every Sunday, when he can." (She wasn't so sanguine about Obama's church going habits.) She asked Morris what the American people think of that. Morris said that people are more concerned about truthfulness and that whether or not a person goes to church is based on "I want to know who you are." According to Morris, Trump's comment that he goes to church when "he can" shows that he has "other priorities" and this is "letting America know who he is as President Obama has done himself. He's had other priorities on Sunday mornings."

During the last part of the interview, Morris' new religious self help book, "God Wants You to be Happy" was pimped.

Comment: Is it my imagination or were Morris and Carlson not on the same page regarding Trump's occasional church attendance? I'm thinking that this segment was an effort to redeem Trump that ended up in "Limbo?"


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