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Brian Kilmeade's Misogynistic Mocking Of Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - April 12, 2011 -

Today's right wing, for whom Fox "News" is a mouthpiece, hates Planned Parenthood because it offers abortions which right wingers, who have no problems with bombs being dropped on innocent children in the Middle East, say is "murder." And because abortion remains legal, albeit constantly under attack, the next best target for the anti-choice lobby is Planned Parenthood. Hence, we saw the GOP effort to make the defunding of Planned Parenthood part of the budget agreement. Hence, we saw Fox "News" do a full court press in aiding and abetting the right wing lies and smears about Planned Parenthood. Chief among the lies is that the majority of services, provided by Planned Parenthood, relate to abortion when abortion represents only 3% of its services. And in addition to promoting anti-choice misinformation about Planned Parenthood, it appears that mocking reproductive health care for low income women is not a problem for "America's Newsroom." On Monday, Brian Kilmeade who (like his anti-choice Fox soul brothas Hannity and O'Reilly) is an anti-choice, conservative Catholic, made mockery of the services of Planned Parenthood - a health care provider that, one assumes, is not used by Fox News female employees and the spouses of guys like O'Reilly, Hannity, and Kilmeade.. Not only does Brian Kilmeade hate Planned Parenthood, but in mocking their health care services, he mocks women. I could ask if he has no shame; but I know the answer.

On Saturday, Brian Kilmeade referenced a comment by Harry Reid, in relation to the GOP attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, that Reid wanted the women in his life to be healthy. Steve Doocy, another anti-choice conservative Catholic, said "And the thing about it that was audacious was the fact that he was talking about Planned Parenthood being this great provider where women can get blood pressure checks, and pap smears, and breast..." all of which is true). Kilmeade then interjected "what you can get at Walgreen's." Doocy, whose wife ("Mrs Happy"), most likely, does not use Planned Parenthood, finished his sentence with "examinations" and "exactly right." Doocy continued "we're gonna talk about this in a little while, "the nation's largest provider of abortions." (Oh, snap, a page, taken verbatim, from the anti-choice playbook.)

By now, this clip has made its way around the blogosphere and to the Colbert Report, during which Steven Colbert lampooned Kilmeade's ridiculous assertions. Walgreen's informed Media Matters that they don't offer pap smears.

Comment: This latest, in a long line of Fox attacks against Planned Parenthood might just be the most inane - or insane - or something....But one thing is for sure, Harry Reid and all those who care about Planned Parenthood are far more concerned about women than Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy!


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