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Anti-Choice Extremist, Mike Huckabee, Lies About Planned Parenthood On Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - April 12, 2011 -

As the "church lady" would say, "isn't it special" that Fox "News" provides a lucrative income to a right wing extremist whose views underscore why the religious right are called the "American Taliban." While Mike Huckabee presents as an aw shucks good ole country boy, who loves America and Jesus, he is, without a doubt, an extremist on women's reproductive rights. Fox "News," obviously has no problem with this type of anti-choice extremism and provides Huckabee a platform from which to advance the anti-choice war on Planned Parenthood which is really a war on women. If Huckabee and his anti-choice pals succeed in acomplishing their goals of criminalizing abortion, contraception, and in-vitro labs, "Sharia" law will look like a walk in the park! But Fox's gift of Mike Huckabee to the nation does provide us with a poster child of today's GOP, so I guess it's all good...

Mike Huckabee is so extreme that he just signed onto the Ohio "heartbeat bill" which would criminalize abortion after a fetal heart beat is detected. As this can be as soon as six weeks after conception, by the time a woman is diagnosed with a pregnancy, it could be too late, under this draconian law, for an abortion. (The failure of a "live" fetus heartbeat sonogram demo, on the floor of the Ohio legislature, shows the imprecision of this faith based "science.") But the bill, seen by its supporters as a "crack in the door for Roe v Wade," is being pushed by Huckabee's fellow extremist zealot, Janet Porter, to whom Mike Huckabee "answers."

During last Saturday's Fox& Friends, it just wasn't Brian Kilmeade who was dissing Planned Parenthood. "Minister" Huckabee, at another point in the show, promoted right wing lies about how federal dollars are being spent on abortion, despite the Hyde Amendment, due to an "accounting gimmick." (So I guess we need to question if the Catholic Church uses accounting gimmicks to move money over to defense funds for pedophile priests when it gets taxpayer money for their programs.) Huckabee "joked" about how Planned Parenthood should be "planned barenhood." (Huck doesn't realize that many women who use birth control already have children?) And then he lied when he said that Planned Parenthood is "primarily an abortion provider even though they claim to be about women's health." (So I guess pap smears, STD testing, breast exams, and birth control counseling aren't connected to women's health?) Alysin Camerota then mentioned that "they say that abortions are only 3% of the services..." Huckabee asserted that he'd "like to see an audit of that." Steve Doocy said "that's what they say." Huckabee cited the conversion of Abby Johnson, a former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood and Lila Rose pal, who quit her job after coming to Jesus - and after having a poor performance review. Johnson, the darling of the anti-choice movement has appeared on both Huckabee and "The Factor" where she spread her anti-choice propaganda and what appear to be, if not lies, very questionable information. Huckabee described how Johnson has been in the "belly of the beast" (eww, next stop, Armageddon!) and said that most of what she did was related to abortion. (So if St. Abby Johnson says it, it must be true.) Steve Doocy stuttered and stammered about a "win" for Huckabee's side in that Washington DC will be prevented from using federal and district funds for abortions.

Comment: Isn't it special that the nice, Christian minister, who might be running for president in a GOP primary, gets a nice pulpit from which to preach his (and Fox's) message. Thing is, he's preaching to the choir! Meanwhile, those who care about women are truly stoked as shown by the online gifts to Planned Parenthood which have increased 500% since Mike Pence and his band of merry zealots passed the House defunding of Planned Parenthood. Looks Fox News, America's anti-choice newsroom which brings us the anti-choice lies and smears of Mike Huckabee et al., is doing some serious "community organizing."


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