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The Whole World Reacts To Glenn Beck’s Firing

Reported by Aunty Em - April 10, 2011 -

A combination of sadness and schadenfreude greeted the news that Glenn Beck will no longer be broadcasting out of the Fox “News” building. Predictably, since the Beckinator covers covered such a large media landscape in his scant 27 months at the help of his eponymously named Comedy Caliphate Cavalcade, once again Glenn Beck was the biggest news on the planet the subject of media attention, and, once again, not for something good.

First let’s give credit where credit’s due: While everyone knows it’s fiction (much like what comes out of Faux Noise almost 24/7) Beck and Fox “News” managed to wrap the firing into a pretty little package, with a terrific bow. None of this messy Olbermann/Sanchez/NPR circular firing squad for Fox “News”. It managed a messy situation with perennial teenager Beck in a very adult manner and, for once, Beck had to take it on the chin. That’s why I give the first last word on Beck to Roger Ailes. According to AP Television Writer David Bauder:

"Half of the headlines say he's been canceled," Ailes said. "The other half say he quit. We're pretty happy with both of them." Shorter Ailes: “Don’t go away mad. Just go away.”

If Ailes doesn’t care, why should the rest of the world? And yet the innertubes and tee vee tubes were full of Beck News. The most highly anticipated, and he didn’t disappoint, was Jon Stewart’s amazing 15 minute take-down on Comedy Central. Sadly this may be the last time Stewart gets to impersonate Beck, so he and his writers created an instant comedy classic, stretching over two full segments, not including the ‘cold opening.’ Watch:

Epic 15 Minute, Bible Quoting, Hand Puppeteering Beck Mock-a-thon from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.

Also highly anticipated was Beck’s own reaction on what was rumored to be his last show on Fox “News.” Next week he is taking a planned vacation and it is unlikely his regular show will be back after that, no matter where he might pop up on the so-called “News” network. Therefore, yesterday (04-09-11) not only would be his swansong, but he’d finally show the big deal Israel special that he had been touting all week. Sadly for all friends of Israel, and Glenn Beck fans everywhere, Fox “News” opted to pre-empt the show for more of its non-stop “NEWS ALERT” coverage of the looming government shutdown. That means Friday’s regular Beck & Call segment with Bill O’Reilly takes on more significance as it’s possibly his last appearance on the Fox “News” Channel in the very near future. While he didn’t come across as too crazy with Bill, Beck demonstrated he is forever delusion on his Radio Drama Theatre when he predicted the future. As Aria reports:

[…]in April of 2012, everyone on the left will be “crapping" themselves over missing Beck. "You'll crap yourself more than when you were a baby... praying to Jesus," Beck said to "us" the left. According to Beck, by this time next year, in addition to "crapping," we'll be pleading for him to be returned to his five o’clock time slot on Fox News.

Now taking bets: Which will come first? Beck’s return to a regular slot on Fox “News” or Bill O’Reilly apologizing for Malmédy?

Also highly anticipated (by me) were the comments by those who are card-carrying citizens of Beckistan. While I usually avoid linking to The Blaze, the comments on the story where Beck compares himself to Paul Revere, and where he predicts the left will be crapping themselves are too precious not to share.

The Wall Street Journal devoted its entire Tweets of the Week to the Glenn Beck Edition.

Jewish Funds for Justice, which had been organizing 10,000 name petitions and groups of rabbis to urge Fox “News” to drop Glenn Beck, put out a statement,
as did Stop Beck, which helped lead the successful advertiser boycott.

Media Matters, a regular Beck nemesis for insisting on pointing out his errors of fact and quoting him accurately, also helped contribute to Beck’s demise. Will Bunch theorizes that “It May Take 27 Years To Undo The Damage Beck Caused In 27 Months,” while The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait suggests it was just a matter of fashion with his epitaph “Glenn Beck Is So 2009.” This as Forbes’ Victoria Pynchon speculates on “Glenn Beck’s Howard Beale Moment.”

Not to take away from anyone’s reporting, but The Borowitz Report seems to have the inside scoop: Glenn Beck Moves to Sci Fi Channel.

But the TV host’s enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by Syfy spokesperson Tracy Klugian, who told reporters, “We warned Glenn that if he’s going to be a good fit for Syfy he’s going to have to tone down his act a bit. Some of the stuff he did on Fox is a little too ‘out there’ for us.”

Mr. Beck said that his new deal would run “until 2012 or the end of the world, whichever comes sooner,” and that he would be paid in gold bullion and ammo.

Typical of Beck's supporters, columnist Chris Stevens (an apparent Beck fan) at the Midland (MI) Daily News, uses his latest Anything Goes column to ask “Why Do Liberals Hate People Like Glenn Beck?” The article postulates that with this victory, the left will now try and silence other Right Wing blowhards like “Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News [sic], Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann.” WNYC, the NPR affiliate in the Big Apple, points out “The Pied Piper of Populism” won’t be disappearing totally due to his live appearances, continued web presence, radio show, and best-selling books. However, Jami Floyd points out:

In announcing his departure this week, Beck compared himself to Paul Revere. He most often compares himself to another of our Founders: Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, in 1776, in favor of separation from the rule of King George III of England. As every school child learns, Thomas Paine's Common Sense is a screed against hereditary monarchy and ultimately a call for revolution. Paine was an advocacy journalist who wanted change. He believed in government as a necessary evil. But he believed in government. To suggest otherwise is a misreading of history. Or is simply misleading.

Glenn Beck is not a journalist. He is a comedian. Which is fine. But in this world, in which the line between journalism and entertainment are increasingly blurred, it’s interesting, to say the least, that Glenn Beck so invokes Paine’s name, even going so far as to publish his own book: Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, a screed against the Obama Administration, in which Beck calls for “a second American Revolution.”

While Beck has never agreed with Media Matters, the best explanation for Glenn Beck being fired comes from Eric Boehlert. It’s a very good read, but a much shorter version would go: it doesn’t matter how many bums are in the seats (ratings), if advertisers find you radioactive you have no future in the medium. That tier of cable tee vee is all about ad revenue and Beck’s tee vee show was running as a loss leader on the Fox “News” Channel.

TVNewer is taking a “Who will be the next 5 PM host on Fox News?” poll, with Judge Andrew Napolitano (as of this writing) running away with 49.79%, while the next closest Faux Noise personality is the odious Megyn Kelly at 10.36%. In fact unnamed “Others” actually comes in 2nd Place at 19.1%, with Laura Ingraham in 4th at 9.1%, not that far below the Megster. Funnier, and far more realistic, suggestions can be found on the Twitter hashtag #beckreplacements (one need not be a Twit to read it) where this humble writer traded proposals for the 5PM EST Fox “News” slot with some of the funniest jesters on the planet.

With the planet abuzz over Glenn Beck, it’s only natural to see what’s being said overseas. Soon to be added to Beck’s Caliphate Conspiracy any day now, no doubt, are the remarks from Louay Safi of “Middle East Online,” who writes:

Beck’s anti-Semitic rants have undoubtedly contributed to his undoing, helped in exposing him for the bigot he is, and eroded his credibility. What ultimately brought him down and turned his audience away was the increased mismatch between his delusional assertions and the growing reality of the Middle Eastern society. It was the democratic revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt that made his outlandish claims about the rise of the new caliphate look ridiculous and unbelievable. For the first time the American people had a window into the dynamics and aspirations of the Middle East people and their courageous struggle for a democratic, peaceful, and progressive society. It helped show the religious tolerance among ordinary Egyptians that was hidden under the ugly face of the Mubarak dictatorship. And for the first time the lies of Muslim bashers like Glenn Beck, echoing the self-delusional claims of Middle Eastern dictators and extremist groups, were checked by a reality that no one could hide or spin. Despite the best efforts of Beck and other anti-Islam commentators at Fox news who tried to misrepresent and distort, people saw firsthand the true aspirations of the Arab and Muslim peoples in Tunisia and Egypt. Tahrir Square undid the oft-repeated theory that the people of the Middle East are busy at work resurrecting a new caliphate to dominate the world. The theory was crucial for the warmongers who have been eager to beat the war drums and insist that only by expending American assets and treasures overseas that America would be safe.


As to the question of what made Glenn Beck fall out of grace, the answer must be found in the simple, beautiful, and mystical thing known affectionately by most people as the TRUTH!

Or, as Beck would insist: The truth has no agenda.

No matter where one stands on Glenn Beck, love him, hate him, or indifferent, there’s no denying that for 27 months he burned bright as a comet across the media landscape. And, like a comet, at some point his trajectory started to take him away from earth’s orbit; he started to dim. Time will tell whether he’s a periodic comet, which will return as strong as ever on an elliptical orbit, or whether Beck has so lost his center of gravity that he spins his way out of this solar system entirely. And, there’s always the possibility that he will crash and burn, as many former addicts do. However, it appears this might be the last chapter for Glenn Beck on the Fox “News” Channel.

Somewhere a rodeo clown is crying.

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