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Oh, No He Didn't! Bill O'Reilly Says "Nobody's Life Is Affected By Planned Parenthood"

Reported by Priscilla - April 8, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly is a very wealthy, anti-choice Catholic conservative whose wife, if she's using birth control (and we know she wouldn't because she would going straight to hell!), gets her prescriptions from her gynecologist who is covered by Bill's gold plated Fox News health coverage. For sure, she doesn't have to run a gauntlet of those anti-choice crazies who try to shame and harass women entering a Planned Parenthood clinic. Bill and his wife will never know the anguish of low income/unemployed women and families, with no health insurance, for whom an unplanned pregnancy might mean returning to the poverty from which they are trying to escape. If Bill needs STD testing (and we know, as a strictly monogamous Catholic, he wouldn't!) he would merely go to his own doctor. But for many low income Americans, Planned Parenthood provides necessary, reproductive health care which includes abortion - which is still legal, despite the best efforts of O'Reilly's anti-choice soulmates, to criminalize it. If anything, the contraception, provided by Planned Parenthood, prevents more abortions and keeps women and families off of social safety net programs - which O'Reilly's GOP soulmates want to abolish. (Let them eat shit!) But during a discussion, with Rep. Charlie Rangel, about spending priorities, he actually said "Planned Parenthood is "non vital" and that "nobody's life is affected by it." Right, Bill, tell that to the women who spoke, at the "Stand for Planned Parenthood" Rally which I attended (our side drew 200 people, the anti's rally got about 50). These women testified that Planned Parenthood provided them with cancer screenings and breast exams when they were out of work and working at jobs that don't provide the kind of health care that, one suspects, Fox News does. Is Bill O'Reilly looking out for American women? Oh no, he isn't! Has he no shame? Oh, no he doesn't!


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