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Beck's Farewell As A Fox News Host?

Reported by Ellen - April 8, 2011 -

Glenn Beck's program was pre-empted today by special coverage of the federal budget showdown. Since he's going on vacation next week, Aunty Em and I both figured today would be his last day as a Fox News host - even though Fox News has been unspecific about when Beck's show would end. When Beck made his regular weekly visit to The O'Reilly Factor tonight, Fox described its video of the segment with the subtitle, "Glenn Beck tells O'Reilly about his plans after leaving FNC at the end of the year." But O'Reilly sure quacked like this was good-bye tonight.

There was a lot of chit-chat about what Beck would do but in the end, Beck never said. First, they joked he'd retire to The Villages in Florida and wear plaid pants. Later, they discussed The Huffington Post's merger with AOL and mocked Arianna Huffington.

O'Reilly said supportively, “You don't want to do the TV gig every day.”

Beck belied that explanation by kidding about his "hard" job of working an hour a day with breaks every eight minutes. He also said, "There's no place to do cable news except for Fox." It suggested a kind of wistfulness, rather than relief at being out from under. Beck also suggested he might be doing his same show but on the web. Bill O'Reilly characterized Beck as doing "more internet stuff." Beck said - ostensibly about the internet in general - "Nothing's going to change except the way people receive their news and information."

O'Reilly jokingly asked Beck, "Can I implore you to change a little bit?" Beck shot back that he'd change by not wearing a tie any more. O'Reilly dropped it without revealing, even in jest, what changes he wished Beck would make.

O'Reilly hinted this was Beck's last visit to the show: "I'm hoping you can still come back on The Factor from time to time. I'm hoping we can work that out."

"I'd love to," Beck responded.

"So now what?" O'Reilly asked, further hinting that Beck's next career move was imminent.

Once again, Beck was vague. He said, "I believe in the things I say," and added that it was time for him to do what he tells his audience to do, "Go out and help."

This did not sound like a man with a plan, but a man working at coming up with a plan.

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