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“Objective” Megyn Kelly And Bret Baier Discuss Latest Budget Negotiations With A Slew Of Criticisms Of Democrats And None Of GOP

Reported by Ellen - April 6, 2011 -

Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier are each supposedly “objective news” hosts, and yet when they spent a few minutes analyzing President Obama’s remarks about budget negotiations yesterday (4/5/11), they made a number of snide comments about Democrats and President Obama – with no criticism of Republicans. It’s a perfect example of Fox News bias in programming they try to pass off as unbiased.

Kelly gave a nod to bipartisan criticism at the beginning, when she said in her introduction, “No matter who wins” in terms of how much gets cut from the budget, “it’s teaspoons in the ocean” of our deficit. Then she and Baier were off to the races of Democrat-bashing.

First, Baier gave Kelly props for knocking the Dems - and then re-emphasized the same point. “You made a great point beforehand. When the president said it’s inexcusable that the government, the White House and Congress can’t deal with last year’s budget because of politics, you made the point that Democrats controlled the House and the Senate and the White House in October. They had the chance to pass a budget back then and they didn’t – for politics… That’s a great point to put it in perspective.”

Baier brought up “another point of perspective.” This was a more subtle dig at the Democrats by suggesting they are squishy and weak next to standing-firm Republicans. Baier said, “The difference here between Democrats and Republicans is roughly $30 billion. Democrats are now up to 33 billion, added to 40 billion - 60 billion for Republicans, added to 40 billion. All in, the difference is roughly $30 billion. At the beginning of this process, top Democrats in the senate said $33 billion in cuts would be devastating to the economy. Now they’re saying that’s what they’re agreeing to. And Republicans and Speaker Boehner say they think they can push them a little bit further.”

Kelly took a swipe at President Obama. She said that “one of the interesting questions” was, “What is the White House offering, what deal is the White House offering because the House Republicans came up with this proposed budget and they can’t get it passed in the Senate… So the question was, what is the White House proposing and President Obama said (she didn’t bother to hide the contempt in her voice), ‘We’re happy to listen.’ There’s been some criticism of President Obama and of the Senate Democrats for not doing more to propose a hard-core alternative to what’s the only bill that’s now sitting out there.”

Baier feigned objectivity by saying the White House is portraying Obama as “very engaged in these talks,” that $73 billion is “the Democrats top number for cuts” whereas the Republicans want $100. He noted that Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid are meeting and that if there was no agreement, they’d all meet at the White House Wednesday. Then Baier added, by way of “just saying,” “The difference is, and that last question to the president really gets at the heart of the matter, is that Republicans say that the cuts the Democrats are now proposing… are smoke and mirrors. They’re saying they’re not real cuts, that they’re kind of moving the shells around and they’re not cutting from actual agencies.”

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