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Gretchen Carlson Endorses Child Abuse?

Reported by Priscilla - April 6, 2011 -

Yesterday, on Fox & Friends, the happy chums discussed an incident in which an 8 year old Colorado boy was pepper sprayed by police who were trying to subdue his violent outburst in a classroom. It was obviously a difficult situation as the boy was out of control and threatening teachers with sharp pieces of wood that he ripped from a wall. Brian Kilmeade, amazingly, was quite rational in his belief that the police, who are trained to subdue adults, could have handled it differently. Gretchen Carlson disagreed and said that she endorsed the pepper spray "100% and some parenting classes as well." Obviously this child has some serious problems which, hopefully, will be addressed in his new school which specializes in children with behavioral problems. Stanford grad Gretch, however, couldn't understand why the child was threatening the teacher. Steve Doocy read an e-mail which, predictably, trashed the parents. Gretch laughed as she read a tweet which suggested that the child be put in prison. Brian read another tweet from a parent who would have "busted" the kid's "rear-end" in front of the class. (If "MOLittleBoPeep" is a parent, a call to child protective services might be in order!) After Kilmeade said, "that doesn't mean you pepper spray the kid," Gretch said, and I quote, "In my book, it's called discipline." So, uh, does that mean that sweet Christian Gretchen Carlson thinks that pepper spraying a child is "discipline?" As Jon Stewart has noted, Gretch checked her IQ at the door on this one because pepper spraying a child, as "discipline," will just exacerbate the problems. Remind me, who needs parenting classes?


Local news report here.

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