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Fox News Trump-A-Palooza Now Includes Donald Trump, Jr.

Reported by Ellen - April 6, 2011 -

As if constant discussion about Donald Trump on Fox News and his weekly platform on Fox & Friends were not enough PR from the "fair and balanced" network, Gretchen Carlson just happened to showcase an autism charity promoted by Donald Trump, Jr. today. Oh, and she just happened to find time to give some props to Trump, Sr. and his potential presidential candidacy.

Trump Junior and his wife were purportedly on hand to promote an autism charity event. Carlson worked in a mention of Trump senior's involvement, too. She also off-handedly commented that Papa Trump "tells it like it is." She did not say wheter she was referring to his discredited "questions" about President Obama's birth certificate.

But wait, there's more. Carlson was just wondering whether or not Trump, Jr. would be in favor of a run for the White House by his father. I'm sure viewers around the country were on the edge of their seats waiting for the answer. But have no fear, Trump fans. Donald, Jr. is in favor. He described himself as a "pretty patriotic guy" who thinks "it's embarrassing what's going on in this country" over "the last decade."

But not patriotic and concerned enough to suit up and join the military, apparently. Not that Carlson seemed to mind. She murmured approvingly as Donald, Jr. went on a rant about what's wrong with this country. I'm surprised she didn't point out all the fixes Papa would make.

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