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On Anniversary Of Martin Luther King Assassination, Fox News Regular Attacks Unions, Civil Rights And Jesse Jackson

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2011 -

Co-authored By Brian

It was bad enough that Fox News used the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination to attack unions and to do so by misrepresenting Dr. King’s pro-union position. But it was even worse that they trotted out Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson to help them. You may recall that Peterson is the guy who says that most blacks in Memphis are racist, that President Obama was elected “mostly” by black racists and guilty-feeling whites and that it’s “commonplace” for blacks to advocate exterminating white people, among other slurs on African Americans - for which he has made a name for himself. Yet, he keeps getting invited back on Fox. This time, Peterson alleged that civil rights leaders, along with Congress and LBJ, told black families they couldn’t have a father in the home and put forth the “socialized health care bill” in order to gain wealth and power for Democrats. And without engendering any challenge from host Neil Cavuto, Peterson accused Jesse Jackson of smearing fake blood on himself to bolster his claim that MLK had died in his arms.

Peterson appeared on Your World yesterday (4/4/11) in order to attack discuss union rallies around the country commemorating Dr. King’s April 4, 1968 assassination in Memphis where he had gone to support a black municipal sanitations workers strike. Cavuto gave Peterson instant cred in the introduction by saying he “knew the things that mattered to Dr. King” and conveniently left out all the attacks Peterson has made on civil rights and African Americans in more recent years.

Sure enough, Peterson told Cavuto, "I believe that Dr. King is turning over in his grave today. I was born on a plantation down in Alabama. I participated in the civil rights movement. I did sit-ins, and Dr. King was about uniting the races. He wasn’t about dividing them. Dr. King believed that the same laws that protected while Americans should protect black Americans… He was about morality and justice, and for Jesse Jackson and others to take his movement …and use it for personal gain… is nothing less than evil. Dr. King would not agree with this. But I’m not surprised what Jesse Jackson and others are doing… When Dr. King was assassinated, Jesse Jackson took what looked like red blood and put it on his shirt, and went around lying and said that Dr. King died in his arms…. He had to finally admit that he had lied about that… Dr. King threw this Jesse Jackson out of his organization several times because Jackson has always had a personal agenda."

As it turns out, Peterson has a long-standing grudge against Jackson. Peterson is or was the organizer of a National Day of Repudiation against Jesse Jackson - held on Martin Luther King Day, as a matter of fact. He was also the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Jackson. But none of that was brought up on “fair and balanced” Your World. So much for "we report, you decide." Again.

Rather than challenge any of the attacks on Jackson, Cavuto prodded Peterson into attacking unions and public workers. He asked about Dr. King being "sympathetic to the working man, and that, ipso facto, he would be sympathetic to the working man, public workers’ cause today, do you buy that?"

No surprise, Peterson didn't. "No. Dr. King was sympathetic to the black workers there because they were discriminated based on color alone, because they were black. Dr. King did not go there to give them support so that they can give power and control to the unions. Today, the unions are using the workers in order to gain money and power to vote in Democrats that they believe agree with their agenda."

Peterson later went on a long, rambling rant that, essentially, blamed the civil rights movement for all the ills of the black community. Had Peterson been a Democrat, Cavuto would have constantly interrupted. “Some 50 years ago, the government came in under Lyndon B. Johnson along with these so-called civil rights leaders and they said to black Americans, ‘You’ve been discriminated against, the government is going to help you, but you can’t have a father in the home.’ So they destroyed the family by taking the fathers away, and now many if not most black Americans are relying on the government. I now realize that the reason that they did that … If they could cause black Americans to rely on the government, rely on the Democratic Party, then it would give power to the Democrats, to the liberals." He said an example was the "socialized health care bill. It was about using black Americans in order to gain power and wealth… Whenever they want to destroy America, …they use the civil rights movement in order to do that."

As he spoke, a banner on the screen plugged Peterson’s organization.

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