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Michael Scheuer on Afghanistan: No U.S. Marines should die so Mrs. Mohammed can vote

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2011 -

Ex CIA agent Michael Scheuer would have had a lot more credibility arguing, as he did last night (4/4/11) on The O’Reilly Factor, that the war in Afghanistan is a lost cause not worth fighting if he hadn’t couched his argument in racially offensive terms. Not once but twice Scheuer said we were fighting so that “Mrs. Mohammed can vote.” This, by the way, is hot on the heels of Scheuer’s statement on another Fox News show that a “racist” President Obama wanted military action in Libya in order to “teach our little brown brothers” how to vote. Bill O’Reilly didn’t seem to find anything distasteful in Scheuer’s characterization. He was busy obsessing about "The Muslim problem.”

It’s odd that Scheuer should suddenly be so anti-war. This is the same guy who, just a few months ago, was longing for the U.S. to attack North Korea. He’s also the guy who thought we needed a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil in order to “save” America. A little more than a year ago, he complained we weren’t killing enough people in Afghanistan. Well, whatever.

After the first time Scheuer sneered about “Mrs. Mohammed” voting, O’Reilly started talking about “The Muslim Problem” (a regular obsession of his) in the world and how the “good Muslims” are not “counteracting the bad Muslims throughout the world.” Which kind of put the lie to O’Reilly’s claim that “absolutely” most Muslims are good. If they’re really so good, wouldn't they be doing what O’Reilly feels is so important for them to do?

As O’Reilly returned to Afghanistan and the “bad Muslims” there, Scheuer said, “It’s none of our business,” and “if the Afghans want to treat their women the way they do, let ‘em. No U.S. Marines should die so Mrs. Mohammed can vote. That’s a simple bottom line.”

As the segment ended, O’Reilly complained, “I just can’t get a handle on the percentage of the Muslim problem and it’s driving me crazy.”

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