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Martha MacCallum Hosts Right Wing Eric Holder Bashing Party

Reported by Priscilla - April 5, 2011 -

On Fox "News," ain't no party like an Obama administration bashing party." And if you want this party to really rock, you invite one of Fox's favorite Obama administration bashers. And if you want to really double down on the fun, you'll invite another Obama administration basher as the validating wing man. This morning, Fox "news" anchor, Martha MacCallum, interviewed professional 9-11 victim's advocate and vehement "ground zero mosque" opponent Debra Burlingame who can always be counted on for some sweet smearing of Obama. One would assume that she would be happy that the Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced that KSM is not being tried in NY City but noooooo, she's still pissed off at Holder. Completing her right wing entourage was Senator Joe McCarthy (whoops Representative Peter King) who provided his own trademark vitriolic commentary about Attorney General Holder. Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity for propaganda and this morning's segment was very obvious in its intent to communicate its partisan message. Just shows to go ya that the Obama administration just can't win and the Republican right just can't get no satisfaction.

While there are a number of 9-11 victim's groups, the only one that gets any play from Fox "News" is Burlingame's group, "9-11 Families for a Safe and Strong America." You get a sense of where they're coming from in their motto: "The war against sharia is a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity." Burlingame is also involved with "9-11 Families for a Secure America" which is an anti-immigrant group that was launched by SPLC designated hate group, "Federation for Immigration Reform." Her partisan creds are further burnished by the fact that both she and Liz Cheney founded another right wing group, "Keep America Safe." But Debra gets lots of air time on Fox where she gets to bash Muslims and the Obama administration while Fox displays a photo of her brother, who was killed on 9-11, in the background.

Burlingame had full control of her mic, for over 3 uninterrupted minutes during which she accused Attorney General Holder of "smearing" military commissions and claiming that his comments "invite human rights groups to attack commissions and undermine them. "She said Holder's comment about doing this for the 9-11 families is a "crock and disgrace." She claimed that the" Justice Department and this attorney general has ignored us, has tolerated us, has pushed us aside, has not kept us informed." Martha's eyes were scrunched as she tried to process Burlingame's diatribe. At one point she said "I hear you." Burlingame continued to rant about how the Justice Department is "incredibly dishonest" and expressed concern about the "reputation" of the military commissions.

Martha provided warm affirmation: "You obviously you feel very strongly and you've been such a staunch proponent on behalf of these families." To her question, to Burlingame, of whether she had any "satisfaction in terms of your group being able to discuss any of this (and I think we know the answer) Burlingame told a story of a "curbside debate" with Holder. She said the he doesn't understand that war criminals shouldn't be tried in our cities while we have troops in the field fighting this enemy. Martha's mouth was open as she tried to process what was being said.

King provided more Holder smearing and right wing agitprot. He said that Holder's comments, yesterday, show the "true arrogance of Eric Holder" and continued to blither about how original decision, to try KSM in NY City, was done without consulting law enforcement. He asserted that "under the constitution congress does have a say" and "maybe Eric Holder wants to live in a dictatorship.." He suggested that Holder should resign if this is such a matter of conscience and if did so it would "do the country good." As the former IRA terrorist sympathizer was speaking, the side chyron said "King: homeland has become a major front in the war with Islamic terrorism" McCallum asked about the timing of the announcement as it coincided with Obama's announcement that he was running for a second term. King said that he didn't want to be cynical but he thought that the timing was disgraceful because this decision could have been made earlier and this was "the worst reason for a good decision."

Comment: While MacCallum didn't proffer her opinion, she also didn't provide any meaningful counterpoint. But I thought that this was an official Fox "news" show. I guess in "America's Newsroom," "news" has evolved into teachable moments - for teaching right wing propaganda, that is!


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