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The Glenn Beck Omnibus of Recent Inanities – Hooray For Hollywood Edition

Reported by Aunty Em - April 4, 2011 -

The sheet ubiquity of Fox “News” Host Glenn Beck requires a third in an occasional series. Part One here and Part Two here.

Not everything Glenn Beck touches turns to gold, or freeze-dried food for that matter: For example: The Caliphate Conspiracy Comedian is having trouble in Hollywood getting his movie made; a regular columnist in one of ‘Merka’s preeminent bidnezz magazines takes a potshot at his expense; he’s compared to a car alarm; his hagiographic journalist experimental website fails to bag a victim; and an upcoming grudge match in The Second City; That’s a lot to cover in this episode of Recent Inanities. Make sure you DVR it. Watch it with the neighbors. Let’s get started, America.

This is the worst time for Beck to be shopping a Hollywood movie to the major studios, but that’s just what’s happening. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that there’s trouble with the movie version of Beck’s “The Christmas Sweater”:

He sold film rights to producer Stephen Scheffer, a former top HBO executive, and Sony picked up the project in 2009 as a possible direct-to-video movie to be shot on a relatively low budget (less than $8 million).

But there were budget and script issues, and after a year it went into turnaround.

Beck's politics apparently weren't an issue, and Scheffer says he's now talking with several studios about making the movie.

What’s not being said is that often turnaround means a movie won’t get made. Sony already decided to pass on the movie after paying money to obtain the property. There is usually a reason. Beck could truly follow his hero Orson Welles and produce and direct it himself. The reported cost is just a quarter what Beck apparently made last year. However, no matter who is attached to direct, this isn’t best climate to try to shop a Beck project. [It makes this writer glad to have my prized collector’s item: an autographed “The Christmas Sweater” given to me by Glenn Beck hisself when I introduced myself to him. It could be a collector’s item one day.]

In a hilarious article, Forbes’ Rick Ungar reports just some of the reasons it’s not a good time to be shopping around a Beck movie. After noting the number of radio stations that have recently dumped Beck’s show, Unger gets off a few good ones at Beck’s expense:

While Beck still holds the number one spot in his TV time period, his numbers represent the steepest decline in all cable news programs.

That rarely bodes well for a program’s future.

Could Beck’s fear of the end times be merely the manifestation of his own coming demise? After all, he does believe the world revolves around him.

Or could it be that the prophet of doom will realize that there is no profit in doom and return to giving his audience what they want – you know, stuff like calling the president a racist?

Meanwhile Beck’s declared war with Media Matters escalated when The Blaze decided to get involved, with ironic results. Beck has been beating up on Media Matters for weeks on endon both radio and tee vee. Suddenly, Beck thought he had caught Media Matters in (what can only be called a relatively minor) mistake. Leave it to his hagiographic The Blaze to come to the rescue with an article titled “Is Media Matters Now Making Up Facts In War Against Beck?” [Link found wherever good links are found.] The thrust of the controversy is that Media Matters recently reported Beck’s Radio Drama Theatre is running on fewer than 400 radio stations. However, according to The Blaze, which quotes Business Insider’s Glynnis MacNicol, who quotes an unnamed spokesperson at Premiere Networks, who claims Beck’s show is running on 430 stations. The Blaze is happy to confirm this.

Not content to attempt to correct the record, or point out a mistake, The Blaze also decided to take a personal swipe at Angelo Carusone of the very successful Stop Beck http://stopbeck.com/ effort, who was recently hired by Media Matters. Carusone proudly tweeted about his first article published at Media Matters. So proud he suggested tongue-in-cheek he might frame it. [All writers, including myself, have been there.] Rather than show some grace at catching the alleged mistake, you’d almost think The Blaze was run with the same “poke in the eye” style that Beck runs the rest of his vast [but-shrinking] empire. It took a slash at Carusone’s tweet: “I guess if you are 0-for-1, you might want to wait on the frame.” Nah! The Blaze is real journalism, right? It wouldn’t be vindictive, would it?

Meanwhile, MMfA defends its reporting:

UPDATE: Several outlets have called into question the veracity of the data included in this post. We compiled our information from two separate sources. First, on March 25, Radio Business Report - a radio industry publication - published a report indicating that Beck had fallen below 400 stations. Second, we purchased industry data from PrecisionTrak - considered to be the industry leader in compiling radio station information. An analysis of the PrecisionTrak data corroborated the RBR report. If either RBR or PrecisionTrak update their data, we will change this post accordingly. Additionally, if we receive comment or clarification on our report from Premiere Radio Networks - which we asked for prior to publishing this item - we will update our website.

The supreme irony is that Stop Beck, News Hounds, MMfA, News Corpse, Jewish Funds for Justice, etcetera, have all proved that Beck makes up facts all the time, yet he never corrects the record. I predict Beck will try and ride this hobby horse for a while because the “Media Matters Makes Up Facts” meme has already flooded the Right Wing Blogosphere. Your move, Mr. Beck.

Bill Maher’s got a new rule about car alarms and it would be a shame not to include it. Watch:

MAHER: New Rule: Since nobody reacts to car alarms anymore, stop putting alarms in cars. Face it. At this point car alarms are like Glenn Beck: annoying, pointless and everyone’s finally learned to ignore them.

Might I also add: Beck’s as repetitive as a car alarm too.

About that grudge match? I made it up. However, on April 14 both two notables will be in Chicago on the same day. In this corner: President of the United States of America, Barack Obama in the Second City for a fund-raiser and [possibly] an announcement that he’s running for reelection in ‘12. In the other corner, on the same night, bringing his Comedy Conspiracy Caliphate Cavalcade to the venerated Chicago Theatre is Glenn Beck, prop comic extraordinaire. As for what Mr. and Mrs. Opening-Nighters will see, HuffPo quotes Beck’s website:

You may know Glenn Beck as the crazy crying conservative who is serious about saving the country, but if you’ve been a fan since the beginning, you also know that sometimes he says funny things…on purpose! That’s right – it’s time for Glenn to take a break from the problems and politics and have a little fun, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do on his new tour.

Don’t let the suit and tie fool you. Besides being a maverick with his opinions on the state of the world and our union, Glenn Beck is one of the most unique and refreshing comic thinkers of his time. With a unique mix of stories and stand up, Glenn will show you the lighter side of just about every situation (and with Obama’s healthcare plan being what it is, this is the perfect time for laughter as the best medicine).

See? I’m not the only one who appreciates Beck for his comedic qualities. The problem is that I tend to laugh the hardest when he’s being his most serious.

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