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Jon Stewart Takes On Fox News Managing Editor Bill Sammon’s Admitted Partisan Lies

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2011 -

As I posted earlier in the week, Fox News managing editor Bill Sammon was caught admitting to going on Fox and “mischievously” accusing then-candidate Barack Obama of being a socialist when Sammon didn’t think it was true – and then justifying that later by saying he now believes it. Last night (3/31/11), Sammon got the Stewart treatment. With his characteristic snark, Jon Stewart noted, “Now I know when a guy from NPR with no connection to the news division was caught blue-handed making disparaging comments about the Tea Party, he resigned from NPR and the CEO of NPR was forced to step down.” Along with Sammon, Charles Krauthammer and Bret Baier come out looking like April Fools – via their own real words. Total Friday afternoon enjoyment – at Fox News well-deserved expense.

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