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Fox News’ Jon Scott Suggests Bad Weather Responsible For Low Tea Party Rally Attendance But It Doesn’t Look So Bad

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2011 -

OK, it was definitely colder than normal for Washington yesterday (3/31/11) but in the live Fox News video, where you can see it’s not raining or snowing, nobody is huddled in their jackets and a man in the foreground has his jacket open. Fox News host Jon Scott, looking at the sparse crowd (estimated at about 200), announced, “Not exactly the weather you would like to have if you want to get a bunch of people turned out.” (H/T Jed Lewison). What neither Scott nor Megyn Kelly, who followed him, mentioned is that a new CNN poll found the Tea Party’s popularity reached a new low. (H/T Eric J.)

Video via Crooks and Liars.

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