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Fox Nation Goes On Obama Damage Patrol After Favorable Jobs Report For March

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2011 -

As the screen grabs after the jump show, The New York Times issued a news alert at 8:37 AM ET reporting some upbeat news about jobs and the economy: The unemployment rate last month was 8.8 percent, down slightly from 8.9 percent in February. Overall, the number of jobs created last month was greater than the forecast of 193,000. Good news for the Obama administration? Not so much on Fox Nation. Their top story, emailed after 10 AM, was "Gas Prices Double Under Obama." Note the deliberate attempt to associate the higher prices with Obama rather than, say, turmoil in the Middle East. As for the good jobs report, it may be one of the top stories on Google News, but it's left out of the Fox Nation email. I did find it smack dab in the middle of the home page, though. (H/T Bob W.)

NY Times email:


Fox Nation email:


Fox Nation email time (look all the way to the right):


Fox Nation screen grab just before posting:


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