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Rep. Allen West Dubiously Claims Public Will Blame Democrats For A Government Shutdown

Reported by Guest Blogger - March 31, 2011 -

By Brian

On Tuesday (3/29/11), Allen West (R-FL) appeared on Your World to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown. He wasted no time attacking Democrats, especially with regard to Charles Schumer’s (D-NY) remarks caught on tape in which he urged his fellow Democrats to blame the Tea Party for any government shutdown. Of course, it really might be the Tea Party’s fault, as even Neil Cavuto noted that the Tea Party is pressing Boehner to refuse to compromise with Democrats. But West insisted – despite evidence to the contrary – that the public would blame Democrats for any shutdown.

West said that for Democrats, a shutdown “really is about politics. It is not about doing what's best for the American people. It is not about reducing the size and scope of the federal government so that we can get back to having long term sustainable economic and job growth." Of course, Cavuto didn’t ask for any proof that that’s the case.

Cavuto did ask if West thought there would be a government shutdown next week. West said "I think that's what Charles Schumer and Harry Reid, and President Obama want because they want to try to use that as a blame game to pin that on the Republicans when we're trying to do that which the American people sent us up here to do. They’re looking to recreate a situation back to 1995, as we get ready to head into an election year of 2012. But the condition's and the environment’s totally different.”

How does West know the three Democrats he mentioned want a shutdown? Cavuto, of course, never asked.

There is evidence, however, that West is wrong about whom the public would blame for a shutdown. According to Talking Points Memo, two polls show a majority (53 and 49%) of people would blame the Republicans versus 22 and 30% who would blame Obama for a shutdown.

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