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Hannity Attacks Obama With Fake Libya Quote

Reported by Ellen - March 31, 2011 -

Apparently, you can say anything you want about Obama on Fox News and truth is optional. Latest case in point: the misquote of Obama advisor Samantha Power. She was misquoted in the Washington Times Tuesday (3/29/11) as crediting President Obama for the uprising in Libya. As Jed Lewison at DailyKos noted, the error was caught by Politico later that day at 5:48 PM, leaving more than three hours before Hannity went on the air live. But not only did he run with the fake quote (which has since been removed from the Times), he used it as the top story. Unless I blinked and missed it, there has been no retraction.

By the way, Mark Steyn, the guest who helped Hannity smear Obama with the fake quote, has his own problems with reality. As The Guardian reported in 2006:

Apart from predicting that George Bush would win the 2000 presidential election in a landslide, Steyn said at regular intervals that Osama bin Laden "will remain dead". Weeks after the invasion of Iraq he assured his readers that there would be "no widespread resentment at or resistance of the western military presence"; in December 2003 he wrote that "another six weeks of insurgency sounds about right, after which it will peter out"; and the following March he insisted that: "I don't think it's possible for anyone who looks at Iraq honestly to see it as anything other than a success story."

Since then, Steyn has distinguished himself by smearing Virginia Tech students for being too passive during a shooting spree and massacre at their school and advocating for invading Pakistan.

Video via DailyKos:

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