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Tim Pawlenty Smacks Down Hannity’s Birther Campaign

Reported by Ellen - March 30, 2011 -

Another day, another instance of Sean Hannity playing the birther card. Last night (3/29/11), however, it didn’t work so well with Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty. But that didn't keep Hannity from pushing the issue as hard as he could.

Right off the bat, Hannity brought up the birth certificate issue and then spent about a third of the interview on it. He said, “My question to you is – ‘cause I never really followed the issue but I’ve gotten more interested only lately – why don’t they just produce the stupid thing and move on?”

As I’ve repeatedly posted – and surely Hannity ought to know – Obama's birth certificate has been produced and examined and authenticated. The real question is why doesn’t Hannity move on?

Of course, Donald Trump – the guy responsible for making the birth certificate such an oft-discussed subject on Fox News of late – is a potential presidential rival of Pawlenty, so he had his own reason to swat the “issue” aside. But at least he did what no other Republican guest on Hannity has been willing to do.

Pawlenty: (Trump’s) successful, entertaining, interesting, funny. I think he brings a lot to the debate so good for him but on the other hand, for me, the news reports from CNN and others have said they’ve seen the birth certificate.

Hannity: Never trust CNN.

Pawlenty: Well, you know, it’s a start. But look, we’ve got big issues in the country, this is an important issue if it turned out to be true but I just don’t believe – with the advertisement, with the hospital announcement, with the certificate of live birth – that somebody that long ago fabricated and created a fraudulent situation, that Barack Obama could be where he is today. I just don’t believe that… I think we got other issues.

Hannity: But there’s nothing wrong with asking the question. You don’t have a problem with people saying, “Can we just see it? Can you find it?”

Pawlenty: No, but it’s been reported. CNN - I watched it myself. CNN reported, they saw the birth certificate. You know, so you’ve gotta either believe that they didn’t and they’re lying or there’s something else going on.

Hannity: It’s just something weird that they don’t release it and just get it over with, it seems to me, ‘cause I don’t doubt it, I just – not it’s getting strange that they just don’t say, “Here.”

Pawlenty: The other thing is, it’s becoming a big distraction… We’ve got issues right in front of us that are gonna take down the country if we don’t fix them.

By the way, do you think Hannity, with his disreputable record on race, ought to be part of Al Sharpton's civil rights convention? Click here if you'd like to contact Sharpton's National Action Network or you can tweet him @TheRevAl.

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