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Neil Cavuto Is Bemused By Herman Cain's Bigotry?

Reported by Priscilla - March 30, 2011 -

If a politician said that he wouldn't hire Jews or Catholics (or any other religious group), based on a question of their loyalty to the US, he/she would be considered anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti whatever group was being potentially discriminated against. The media would ask this person how he/she squared their views with the Constitution and equal opportunity statutes which prohibit discrimination based on religion. The public would be outraged. If this politician said that he/she would never hire a fundamentalist Christian, Fox "News," particularly "Fox & Friends," would be incensed. But along comes GOP presidential aspirant Herman Cain, who stated that he would never hire a Muslim in his administration. This was reported in the mainstream media and on the progressive blogs. However, in an interview with "Salon," he appeared to backtrack and, through his spokesperson, said he would consider job candidates based on merit, as that is the law. And surprise, surprise, he appeared on Neil Cavuto's show (Monday, March 28th) for some nice, warm Republican rehab which afforded him an opportunity to do some splaining. The thing is that his inane and insane explanations just reinforced his Islamophobia. Cavuto, whose fellow Catholics have experienced employment discrimination, seemed quite bemused!

In his introduction, Cavuto, dispassionately, referenced Cain's comments regarding not wanting to hire Muslims. Cavuto told Cain that "they were all over you." (and rightly so, given the base bigotry of the comments!) Cain explained that the reason why he said that was because "he would have to people totally committed to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of this United States. Many of the Muslims, they are not totally dedicated to this country or the Constitution." This would have been an opportunity for Cavuto to ask him to back that statement up or say something about how the majority of American Muslims are law abiding citizens. But no... Back to Cain who doubled down on the crazy talk with a comment about how many Muslims are "trying to force Sharia law on the people of this country." He admitted that he said this because he doesn't "have time be watching someone in my administration if they're not totally committed to the Declaration and the Constitution and the laws of this country." Rathert than address these egregious statements which fly in the face of the Constitution, Cavuto asked him what he would do if a Muslim said that they would "honor" all of the above and "would not be, necessarily, for Sharia law." Cain said that, in that case, he would certainly consider that person. (Religious "litmus test?") More doubling down on crazy with this comment that his "motivation" is that "they're trying to push Sharia law off on this country and I'm not going to try and be politically correct in order to facilitate that." He said that "if they're willing to give me a committment and they had some critical skills to bring to the administration for the good of this country, of course I would consider them." Cavuto responded, "your not saying never, never, never." Cain said that a leader "needs to surround himself or herself with the right people" and how, in this "exploratory phase," he needs to consider who are the "true patriots." He added that he has no Muslim "acquaintances who have professed their religion." When he asserted that he wasn't going to spend time worrying being politically correct, Cavuto said "you might have many issues, Herman, but being politically correct ain’t one of them."

Comment: Cain's little lecture about seditious Muslims with their creeping Sharia is a meme frequently advanced on Fox News. Thus, it's no surprise that Cavuto didn't challenge him. But I do wonder if Cavuto would have been as sanguine if his guest said that Catholics aren't loyal Americans because they're trying to push Vatican law off on this country. Cain's comments, which display extraordinary bias towards some of his fellow Americans, deserve to be challenged - but not on "America's Newsroom."

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