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My Ted Nugent "Beatles" Comment

Reported by Priscilla - March 30, 2011 -

It appears that the folks at a certain Fox apologist blog (which shall be unnamed) have seized upon my post in which I snarked about Ted Nugent's promotion of bogus American "exceptionalism." In advancing the right wing hatred of all things French, Nugent asked if Mike Huckabee could name a cool rock and roll song from France. I said "Nugent forgets that the Beatles, not from America and infinitely more talented than Nugent, had a profound impact on music." Well, they who are never factually challenged went into paroxysms of laughter over what they thought was my "gaffe;" i.e. that I thought the Beatles were from France. Obviously, having been a huge fan of the "British Invasion," (loved George) I know that the Beatles are not from France. I should have prefaced the sentence with "While not from France, Nugent..." I was trying to make the point that Nugent is musically ethnocentric. There are plenty of cool French songs but they don't get played on mainstream radio because English speaking audiences prefer English songs. In some quarters, anything else, including "rap," would be considered "furrin!" Thankfully, we have a large Hispanic population and that means that one can also listen to some very cool Spanish music on FM radio. And while she didn't do rock songs, France's Edith Piaf was awesome! So get over yourselves, Fox fans. "Je ne regrette rien!" And to my Fox loving "fans" - thanks for reading News Hounds!