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Greg Gutfeld Mocks Women's Reproductive Rights?

Reported by Priscilla - March 30, 2011 -

Comedian Greg Gutfeld had no problem with his Fox soul brothers Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly mocking Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery on a national "news" network. Yet, he criticized the National Organization for Women for their delayed response to comedian Bill Maher, who made an offensive sexist comment about Sarah Palin on HBO. Last Friday (March 25th), Gutfeld said that their "scolding" was "lame." After showing video of Maher's routine and reading the comment from NOW, which criticized sexist commentary from progressive men, he commented "better late than never. Except if you're pregnant, of course." (WTF?) He said that NOW "couldn't leave it alone" and then read the rest of NOW's comment which referenced the Republican war on women's reproductive rights. He loudly emphasized the words "women's bodies." In what might be a thinly veiled reference to the right wing meme that liberal feminism is dominated by lesbians, he exhorted NOW to "man up" and continued with this rant about how modern feminists are hypocrites because they complain when a lib is "impugned" but don't care when conservatives are targeted in a misogynist manner. NOW called out Maher for his vulgar remark. Why couldn't Gutfled "leave it alone?" Oh right, they support women's reproductive rights and it's quite apparent, given his history of slut shaming pro-choice women, that Gutfeld doesn't. He must have been such a cute altar boy!

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