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"Fox & Friends" Doubles Down On Obama Conspiracies!

Reported by Priscilla - March 29, 2011 -

It's not just Fox's Glenn Beck who is peddling the conspiracies and the kind of paranoid drek that is promoted on World Net Daily, which is "ground zero" of the "birther" movement. Lately, "Fox & Friends" has jumped onto the birther bandwagon with its wide-eyed and happy faced acceptance of possible presidential candidate Donald Trump's "birther" theories. Never wanting to waste an opportunity to smear the president, "Fox & Friends" has a history of accepting the latest in Obama conspiracies. As the "birther" conspiracy is all about de-legitimizing Obama as "foreign" (read black, read Muslim), it's no surprise that the smiley "Fox & Friends" trio would be happy to promote this insanity. Today, in keeping with their tradition of promoting fringe Obama conspiracies, the three bobble-heads bobbled their heads in happy delight as they listened to the newest looney tune that's making its round through the usual dank corners of the far right blogosphere. They hosted Jack Cashill who specializes in anti-Clinton and anti-Obama conspiracies (he's a birther) and who - are ya ready for it - writes for World Net Daily and who is trying to claim that Bill Ayers admitted that he wrote Barack Obama's "Dreams of My Father." In addition to being a bizarro world, it appears that "Fox & Friends" might just be another "prison planet." Move over, Alex Jones!

Since the days of the Obama candidacy, the radical right has asserted that Bill Ayers assisted Obama in writing "Dreams From My Father." Fox's Sean Hannity promoted this meme, on his show, in 2009. Recently, at a lecture given at Montclair University, Bill Ayers snarked about this conspiracy theory. He said "You know that I wrote it, I wrote that, "Dreams of my Father." When a questioner said, "you wrote it, Ayers said "Yeah, if you can help me prove it, I'll split the royalties." As snarked by "Slate," Bill Ayers "started a joke that started the whole world hyperventilating." The radical right immediately reported that the moment of truth had arrived because Bill Ayers "admitted" that he wrote "Dreams of my Father." Enter stage very right, "Fox & Friends." You just can't make this stuff up!

Steve Doocy began by incredulously reporting that Bill Ayers admitted that he wrote Obama's book. He played the snippet of the video in which Ayers was obviously joking. Doocy, thinking that this was an awesome "gotcha," snickered. Gretchen Carlson introduced Cashill as the author of "Deconstructing Obama." No mention was made of his WND association and his wild conspiracy theories. Naturally, Cashill didn't think it was a joke and said that he has "no doubt that Bill Ayers was the primary craftsman behind "Dreams of My Father" because - are ya ready for it - he has "a ton of evidence." After Cashill presented some of this "evidence," wall of genius Steve Doocy wanted to know why the evil, librul mainstream media isn't "touching this with a ten foot pole." (Uh, Steve, because it's bullshit!) Cashill claimed that it's because they have so much invested in Obama's genius and that Obama's limited "paper trail" shows that his writing is mediocre. Thus, he needed to have somebody else ghost write it. The implication, I guess, is that the evil, librul press just can't handle the truth. But Cashill saved the best for last: "You don't go from that to writing the best-produced, best-written memoir ever by an American literary figure." Hmmm, I somehow don't think that Sarah Palin's "paper trail" was exceptional. But she did get herself a couple of best sellers.

Comment: Some, on the right, are questioning Cashill. "Rightwing Nuthouse" (appropriate title) at the conservative "American Thinker," says "Cashill’s connective tissues are too weakly constructed, too pat to stand up to serious analysis" and that "Ayers does indeed admit to writing Dreams but in such an obviously sarcastic manner that the question isn’t whether Ayers was serious but how in God’s name so many conservative bloggers failed to see the taunting sarcasm used in his “confession." Obviously the happy kids on "Fox & Friends" don't do sarcasm. But just when you think that "Fox & Friends" can't get any more ridiculous, think again!

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