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Bill O'Reilly Declares Mexico Off Limits For Spring Break

Reported by Priscilla - March 28, 2011 -

On Friday's "Factor," Bill reported that Obama will be meeting with Mexican president Felipe Calderon, the president of a country that's "in terrible shape" because of drug violence. The backdrop was a map of Mexico with a gun superimposed on it and the words "out of control violence" underneath. Bill referenced how "spring break is almost here" and asked "should you go to Mexico. Given that Bill's audience doesn't stray too far from their Barcoloungers, the question seemed silly. But Bill doesn't think it's silly and he had lots of "data" to show why you need to be scared about going to Mexico. I guess Bill won't be going to Cancun, for "spring break," this year. Oh, well, Thailand is probably more to Bill's taste, if you know what I'm saying ;)

O'Reilly began by citing information from "Stratfor," a private, a private "intelligence" company that provides analysis about current security issues and one which Bill cites frequently on his own website. (Sweet promo!). According to Bill, "Stratfor" says that Cancun and Acapulco are dangerous. (The full "Stratfor" article about the dangers of "spring break" is available on Bill's website.) Bill's guest, Joachim Bamrud, of the Latin Trade Group agreed that Acapulco is a problem; but Cancun is "still relatively safe." Bill "doesn't get" that, according to Bill, the Mexican government doesn't keep crime statistics on Cancun. (Interesting claim as many travel websites allude to the crime rate in Cancun which begs the question of how they're getting their data!) O'Reilly cited "Stratfor" data about 53 gun battles in Cancun in 2010. He said "there you are with little Suzy or little Willie" ("little Willie?!) "on the beach and all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom." After Bamrud said that the violence between drug dealers does not take place on the beach, O'Reilly said that the drug dealers go to hotels at night because "that's where the discos are." Being the world traveller that he is, Bill said that he "knows the turf" in Cancun. (Bill hangs out at "spring break?" Ewww!!) He shouted "most of the nightclubs are owned by the drug dealers..." Bill said he's also worried about "the corrupt police." Being the political expert that he is, Bill said that President Calderon is "making a huge mistake by not declaring martial law." He then asserted that the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico are great and asked why he should go to Mexico. Bamrud responded that Cancun is safe for spring breakers and tourists. When Bamrud mentioned how tourists in Jamaica stay in the tourist areas and don't go to Kingston, Bill said he was just in Jamaica.

Comment: The State Department has issues a travel warning for certain areas of Mexico. Cancun is not included in that list. They have, on their website, general information about staying safe on spring break. They don't mention drug gangs at the disco but do mention a strong rip tide. But if Bill O'Reilly says it's dangerous, it must be true because he's looking out for us! I guess he won't be going to Cancun for his spring break - but I'm sure there will be plenty of video material for him to enjoy ;)

BTW, friends of mine spend the month of January in Mazatlan (on the west coast of Mexico). If there is any drug violence, they havent' seen it!


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