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Aunty Em Demands Glenn Beck Drop Sponsor

Reported by Aunty Em - March 26, 2011 -

It’s time to see if Beck is all talk and no action. He tells us over and over and over again that we will be judged by who we stand with. Will Beck stand with Blinds.com CEO Jay Steinfeld after he called homophobic rants against Stop Beck Angelo Carusone “encouragement”? It’s well-known Beck’s show is suffering from a lack of sponsors and probably can’t afford to lose a single one. Therefore, Beck will show his true mettle by how he reacts to this situation. Is money more important than taking a stand against hateful anti-Gay rhetoric? Who does Beck stand with?

That Beck is lacking sponsors is due in no small part due to Carusone and his Stop Beck campaign. Carusone’s methodology has been simple. He writes a polite letter to sponsors asking them whether they stand with Glenn Beck’s hate-filled rhetoric. So far about 400 sponsors http://stopbeck.com/dropped-sponsors/have been horrified that anyone might use their brand name and “Glenn Beck” in the same sentence. They decided they could not, would not, stand with Beck and dropped all advertising during the Conspiracy Comedy Cavalcade Hour. However, when Carusone reached out to current sponsor Blinds.com, the most unexpected thing happened. Carusone picks up the story:

Jay Steinfeld, Blinds.com’s CEO, ignored scores of requests from StopBeck participants. But, he did take the time to respond to a few of Beck’s defenders.

In one tweet, Blinds.com’s Steinfeld expressed gratitude for a tweet that characterized StopBeck effort participants as a “motley crew of homo activists:”


After noting another Blinds.com supporter called Stop Beck a Soros-supported, Anti-American, pro-Marxist, Nazi, who wants to help round up the Jews and the Gay, one can almost hear Carusone sigh as he writes:

I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I’ve contacted tons of advertisers. I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to the flagrantly insulting response displayed by Blinds.com’s CEO.

Given that nearly 400 companies are currently boycotting Glenn Beck, I guess we should expect that the few that are still willing to financially support Beck would also be supportive of the kind of reckless vitriol the StopBeck effort is challenging. I just didn’t expect them to be so brazenly supportive of it.

Onward we go…

As Glenn Beck keeps telling us: We are who we stand with. Blinds.com’s CEO has taken a stand to support homophobes. Therefore, it’s only natural to ask Glenn Beck: Who do you stand with?

Ask Glenn Beck whether he stands with Blinds.com. You can contact him at glennbeck@foxnews.com or yourcomments@foxnews.com. You may also want to contact Blinds.com and express your displeasure as a consumer. Be polite. They already think we’re Homo Nazis.

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