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Hannity Adds "Muslim" To His Birther Dogwhistle To Extremists

Reported by Ellen - March 25, 2011 -

There must be a special place in hell for Sean Hannity. Not only is he a disgusting bigot who is too cowardly to own up to it (so he outsources it to guys like Jesse Lee Peterson) but he’s also disingenuous and hypocritical in his criticism. As I posted yesterday, Hannity whined incessantly during the Bush administration that Democrats’ criticism of him emboldened our enemies and undermined our troops. But now Hannity thinks nothing of questioning whether our Commander-in-Chief is legitimate due to what Hannity almost certainly knows is a – pardon the pun – trumped up “controversy” over President Obama’s “missing” birth certificate. That's the same birth certificate that has been examined by both PolitiFact and FactCheck.org – along with the birth announcements in the Hawaii papers. Don’t tell me Hannity is not aware of those facts. Yet, with an innocent face, he continued to “just ask” why the birth certificate had not yet been produced – so we can all get past it, of course. Then, for good measure, Hannity suggested that Obama’s Muslim background was good reason for people to be suspicious.

Last night, the bigoted outsourcing went to Donald Trump for questioning the birth certificate on The View – even though Trump’s birther "questions" had already been discussed the previous night on Hannity. Apparently, Hannity felt the need to bring it up again. All for the sake of clearing up the matter, of course.

To add bigotry on top of bigotry, Hannity hosted Don Imus producer Bernard McGuirk on the panel. He gushed over Trump's birtherism. “He legitimized this issue!”

Unfortunately, the usually wonderful Caroline Heldman, another panelist, did not give Hannity the kind of talking to he deserved. Although she rightly addressed the racist element in the matter, Hannity’s talk was beyond racist; it was a dogwhistle to extremists based on lies – and a deliberate attempt, as McGuirk acknowledged, to legitimize the lies. Goebbels would have been proud.

But Hannity didn’t stop with the birth certificate. Although just a few weeks ago, Hannity made a point of noting that Obama is a Christian, now he deliberately played the Muslim card on top of the birth certificate card:

He (Obama) did talk in his book how he went – and prayers and he went to a Muslim school and he did talk about all this and he studied the Koran and prayers at sunset that were some of the most beautiful things he saw in life, so he spent a lot of his youth in Indonesia... Why don’t they just release it and get it over with?

You can contact Hannity and his show at hannity@foxnews.com or via Twitter: @seanhannity.

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