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Glenn Beck Inadvertently Explains Why It Takes A Village To Fact-Check Him

Reported by Aunty Em - March 25, 2011 -

In the vast Blogopolis when someone wants to take a swipe at Glenn Beck they highlight his misinformation and refer to his “crack investigative team.” It’s a guaranteed rib-tickler. Yesterday, on his Tee Vee Comedy Cavalcade, he finally stood up for them:

[Picking up in mid-rant]

And, if we don’t have responsible people—enough people in this country—that care enough about this country and freedom that will do their homework—not run off all half-cocked. Do your own homework!!! Don’t believe me? Look it all up!!! Do your homework. Do not take my opinion. [*] And please, enough, George Soros. He’s got 86 people now on staff at Media Matters—eighty-six!!!—and the CEO of Media Matters said, “Oh, we need to hire some more”—he was fundraising—“We need to hire some more because it takes a lot of people to correct Glenn Beck’s nonsense.” There are 10 people!!! Ten!!! That work on this program. Ten that put it together. TEN!!! It takes 86 to try to tear us down!!!

* How does one fact-check opinion?

Video courtesy of Media Matters

The only logical reply to Beck’s rant is that he spews more misinformation in a single hour than a cheating spouse coming home late, drunk, and smelling of sex. That it takes MMfA’s 86 people (although I suspect the number Beck spouts is the total number of employees, including accountants and secretaries) to correct Beck is because he disgorges such a monumental mountain of bullshit. A whole cottage industry, including this humble correspondent and other News Hounds, has sprung up to refute both Beck’s wild conspiracy theories and improbably hilarious history lessons.

And yet, I know from watching as much Beck as I do, as well as scouring the net for clips, quotes, or other Beckian insanity—that what doesn’t get corrected would still fill a small book on a monthly basis. Who has that much time? Yet MMfA, Stop Beck, Color of Change, Jewish Funds for Justice, News Corpse, News Hounds, and others, will continue to chip away at Beck's Mountain of Mendacity™. And Beck can continue to lie to his audience, when he tells them he hasn’t lied to his audience, with the full knowledge that they’ll never do their own research. They believe everything he tells them.

And, let’s not forget to give a shout-out to The Beck Ten, that crack investigative team providing so much work for so many people. You’re doing a hell of a job.

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