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Megyn Kelly Gives Supportive Platform For AZ State Senator’s Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Hispanic Attacks

Reported by Ellen - March 24, 2011 -

Does Megyn Kelly go out of her way to air stories that are ethnically divisive? Or is it the Fox News producers who have pegged her as a pretty package for sympathizing with bigots? In any event, Kelly’s America Live show showcased a hideous anti-immigration position in Arizona without much challenge as to its validity or even suggesting there was anything offensive about saying Hispanic students in Arizona hate America and just want to be gangsters.

Kelly introduced the segment by saying, “A letter that purported to be from a substitute teacher” in Arizona “rails against illegal immigrants and Hispanic students that he taught, saying that they made clear to him that they quote, hate America and just want to be quote gangsters. Now some are demanding that that lawmaker apologize for reading this in a public forum and questioning whether that substitute teacher really exists.”

Further legitimizing the comments, a banner on the screen read, “Arizona teacher’s letter reignites immigration debate.”

Rather than do any actual investigation into whether the teacher was real (apparently, he is), or the legitimacy of his accusations, Kelly hosted Arizona State Senator Lori Klein, the legislator who read the letter in support of the accusations.

The letter in question, quoted earlier on America Live, stated in part:

I have found that substitute teaching in these areas, most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters. They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico. If we are able to remove the illegals out of our schools, the class sizes would be reduced and the students who wanted to learn would have a better chance to do so and become productive citizens.

Klein told Kelly, “There’s no apology necessary. This is something that's happening, unfortunately, today in our classrooms here in Arizona and California. I've had letters from all over the country, as well as other teachers here in Arizona applauding that I had the courage to read the letter, because we do have a problem. You know, we're educating and spending billions of dollars in our state and if this is where our money is going, the taxpayers have a right to know that this kind of behavior, which is not acceptable from any race, is happening in our schools.”

Kelly dropped the apology issue. She did point out that children of illegal immigrants are entitled to a public school education but, rather than question any of the teacher’s assertions (as it turns out, he has only spent nine days teaching in the Arizona schools), she asked whether the students in the letter actually represented all Hispanic students. Nice way to immediately validate that teacher’s claims – and then distance yourself from them by suggesting his experience might not be universal.

Klein said it’s “not the case” that all Hispanic students are that way but she added, “This was one teacher’s experience in a school here in Arizona.”

Rather than insist on finding out what the case actually is, Kelly let Klein go on to say, “As a mother, as a taxpayer, I think it's important, if my kids were acting out like this in school, they'd be grounded for a year. And I think it's important that we address problems instead of hiding them under the carpet.”

Klein insisted that the letter writer is not a racist because “he’s married to a Hispanic.” But, she added, “He identified a problem that we face." Then she continued by making further accusations against Hispanics, in general.

"We have an organization here called La Raza, which is a far-leftist racist organization that is inciting young Hispanics to act out, not say the Pledge, spit on America, and say it's our right to take America back. And this is really creating a problem here.”

The implication was clear: despite her earlier statements to the contrary, Klein thinks there is a problem with Hispanic students in general, a good chunk of whom hate America.

Once again, Kelly did not challenge or press for details. Instead, she gave the allegations further credence by reiterating them. “Just so our viewers know, those are some of the allegations that Mr. Hill raised in this letter, that they won’t say the pledge, that they say, ‘We’re Mexicans,’ and ‘Americans stole our land,’ that they’re in the country illegally, Americans are racist and so on.”

Klein agreed. “This is what’s happening, I’ve had other teachers tell me the same thing. Since this letter was read, I’ve had countless emails from other educators saying that they’ve also had this experience… It’s making it hard for ANYBODY to get an education when you have kids disrupting classrooms to this extent.”

Kelly murmured supportively, “Understood.”

Who really hates America? You can contact Senator Klein at lklein@azleg.gov or America Live at Kelly@foxnews.com.

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