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Jesse T Watters Whines To Bill O'Reilly About Being Heckled

Reported by Priscilla - March 24, 2011 -

Poor Jesse T Watters. As Bill O'Reilly's stalker/ambusher/pit bull producer, he gets to "sneak up on people without warning and ask them questions so that O'Reilly can air video of his enemies looking aggrieved and flustered." He has no qualms about stalking folks who are on their property or who are on vacation. (Here's a partial list of targets) But recently, he got punked when he was filming interviews about "important issues facing America" with folks on the streets of NY City. Poor Jesse was not happy about this violation of his space. Ironic, don't ya think!

The video was actually pretty amusing. Watters interspliced the commentary, some of which was critical of conservatives, with comedy scenes from TV and movies. But during one of his interviews, a dude stood behind Watters and said "Fox News Lies." Watters' producer followed the fellow who refused to respond to to questions and a comment about how if he spoke to Watters, "We would give you a fair shake." ROFLMAO - like Watters' recent "fair shake" when he accosted a NY Planned Parenthood Executive about whether he "condoned" behavior by Planned Parenthood employees which was, according to Watters, "excusing and covering up underage sex trafficking." How "fair" was it to make a statement of fact that was, clearly, not proven by the Lila Rose "sting videos" which actually show the NY clinic staff acting appropriately! Jesse T Watters giving "fair shakes" - again, ROFLMAO! But Watters was able to whine about this to his big, right wing news pimping daddy, Bill O'Reilly.

O'Reilly wanted to know if the interruption was an internet mantra. Watters replied that the last four times that he was" out in the field, somebody interrupted the shot, heckled me, called me a Nazi." Watters then provided his explanation for this behavior. "After Wisconsin, after what happened to Mike Tobin being demeaned and bullied, I think the left has been emboldened by this and are becoming more aggressive."


Jesse T Watters is complaining that his fellow Foxie was being "demeaned and bullied" when both Watters and his boss make their living demeaning and bulllying - excuse me, hellooo???!!!! Jesse T Watters is complaining about the left being "aggressive." Does Jesse T Watters think that stalking Amanda Terkel (while she was on her vacation with her boyfriend), just because she dared to report about what seemed to be Bill O'Reilly's hypocrisy, wasn't "aggressive?"

Bill noted that "this moron, he didn't have anything to say." Watters claimed that "100% of the times, these guys have no clue what they're talking about and no evidence to point to that Fox News lies."


Jesse T Watters, who peddles Fox News lies (see above cited ambush of the Planned Parenthood executive), references those who don't know what they're talking about? Excuse Me? This is, I recall, the same Jesse T Watters who made the laughable and bogus claim that he and Bill O'Reilly "saved Christmas" in Great Barrington, MA. And this is the same Jesse T Watters who, when ambushed at CPAC, tried to walk away and wouldn't deny that Fox News "makes stuff up" - something that one of Watter's victims, Hendrik Hertzberg was able to prove!

Comment: Poor Jesse. His hard hitting, "fair & balanced" "interviews are interrupted by a heckler. It matters not to Jesse T Watters that he interrupts people with equally inane commentary which tends more toward heckling than "real journalism." Poor Jesse got heckled four times and if he wasn't flustered, he was certainly aggrieved. Boo, freaking, hoo. Hey Jesse, want some cheese with that whine?


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